More on playsets

The Pheyden Base that I put together has been shown a few times before, but here is the current incarnation:
I'm always finding something new to put in here. I customized a Callgrim and made him the Keeper of the base (after the Guildmaster incident). There is now an Armodoc prison cell, with the processing of the 'Docs life signs by a SquidBot. An early Buildman prototype watches over portions of the base...a zoo of rescued Crayboth sits in subspace pockets, viewable from the rocket base deck. And a Goliath-class Protection Robot guards the master prison cell, containing the most dangerous being of all...

Pheyden has picked up a number of vehicles, companions, weapons, and suits in his travels. BB series Gendrones specially reprogrammed by Pheyden take care of the day-to-day functions of the base, including the Time Gate. Phase Arms and Gobon Blasters of all varieties are stored here.
(my non-story note: I almost threw out the Lex-Soar 7 on the left side of the pic. Glad I didn't - it is nicely scaled for Pheyden. I might paint it.)


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