The story of Nemica Gobon

A number of machines exist in the Glyos universe that go beyond machines. Machines with souls.

During one confrontation between Pheyden and Phanost on the planet Nemica, a Gobon unit was uncovered. Phanost wished to use the machine for himself, but Pheyden wanted to stop him. After an arduous battle that drained Pheyden of his strength, the pair were attacked by Armodocs.
As Pheyden and Phanost were dragged towards the Armodocs, the Gobon activated itself, the headpiece magnetically clamping down onto the body.

Powered by the energies accessible to it, the Gobon used its massive energy reserves to banish the Armodocs, heal Pheyden of his damages, and....?

The Power Unleashed!

This unleashing of power completely drained the Gobon of all power, changing him to a glass-like structure. Phanost bid Pheyden farewell, changed by the encounter. Pheyden stood, looking at the Gobon of Nemica, his face now scarred.
"Thank you for your sacrifice." Scar Pheyden said; seeing himself scarred in the reflection of Nemica Gobon, Pheyden recognized that he had met himself at a time in the past, and now that he had been scarred, he would have that adventure from the other side of his life at some time in the future. Time-travel could be confusing in that way, living one's life as a series of unconnected dots instead of a straight line.

Scar Pheyden teleported from the planet with his newfound powers, confident that the galactic quarantine on planet Nemica would allow his Gobon savior peaceful rest.

Time passed.

A ship arrived, parting the energy barrier that closed off Nemica from space. It zipped through the atmosphere, landing very close to the Gobon. The pilot emerged from his gaudy ship, a scar on his Pheyden visage. He did not speak. He only looked at the Gobon, and then up at the stars...


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