Monday, November 30, 2009

December already? Time for a monster!

Monstrous, in his final configuration, shown with a larger known figure for scale.
Redesigned the feet and mouth and the back section to make it more enclosed. Finally happy with it.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The story of Nemica Gobon

A number of machines exist in the Glyos universe that go beyond machines. Machines with souls.

During one confrontation between Pheyden and Phanost on the planet Nemica, a Gobon unit was uncovered. Phanost wished to use the machine for himself, but Pheyden wanted to stop him. After an arduous battle that drained Pheyden of his strength, the pair were attacked by Armodocs.
As Pheyden and Phanost were dragged towards the Armodocs, the Gobon activated itself, the headpiece magnetically clamping down onto the body.

Powered by the energies accessible to it, the Gobon used its massive energy reserves to banish the Armodocs, heal Pheyden of his damages, and....?

The Power Unleashed!

This unleashing of power completely drained the Gobon of all power, changing him to a glass-like structure. Phanost bid Pheyden farewell, changed by the encounter. Pheyden stood, looking at the Gobon of Nemica, his face now scarred.
"Thank you for your sacrifice." Scar Pheyden said; seeing himself scarred in the reflection of Nemica Gobon, Pheyden recognized that he had met himself at a time in the past, and now that he had been scarred, he would have that adventure from the other side of his life at some time in the future. Time-travel could be confusing in that way, living one's life as a series of unconnected dots instead of a straight line.

Scar Pheyden teleported from the planet with his newfound powers, confident that the galactic quarantine on planet Nemica would allow his Gobon savior peaceful rest.

Time passed.

A ship arrived, parting the energy barrier that closed off Nemica from space. It zipped through the atmosphere, landing very close to the Gobon. The pilot emerged from his gaudy ship, a scar on his Pheyden visage. He did not speak. He only looked at the Gobon, and then up at the stars...

Friday, November 27, 2009

And now for a preview.

Picture of a custom I am working on with a fully-painted head. More to come.

Glyosian Fun!

A current shelf pic, with a new Eidrallim busting through the pic, like he is the Sensational Character Find of November 2009.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Building Madness! The Viper V.

Check this out:

All beanbots, gentlemen (and woman).

Skull Pheyden and his new ride, the Viper V.

Hours of fun to build, you can actually store a Pheyden in the cockpit!

Anyone else out there building vehicles? Send some pics!

Monster Fight!

There has been some discussion recently on the forums about larger creatures and kits for Glyos - here are some reasons why you won't see it any time soon.

I was putting together a basic photostory for something I was thinking about - the Biotron analouge I created (in all glow, due to lack of parts in the correct colors) versus the standard and Shadow Villser, and the BioClone!
Look at these guys. They require upwards of 15 torsos to create (some as many as 30 torsos). So it would be costly to sell a set of these, because Onell can't just separate out out the torsos to sell you.

BioPheyden confronts the Villser who transformed him.
But Glow-B.Tron saves him.

The battle is on! Since the corrupting touch of the Villser does not work on non-biological material, Glow-B.Tron battles them until the end!

A close-up of the Villser.
If you need help with the instructions to build one of these, let me know! And if someone wants to do Lego-style instructions, get in touch.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Protobos Suit!

Over on the forums this week, Reflex Suits were mentioned again. Here is one I built, that was dictated by the colors I had available at the time.

The construction of a Reflex Suit is pretty basic but requires a number of figures, depending on how you want to build it.
The four-armed variant requires at least two additional figures.
And here it displays a mega-weapon: the Fanblade Cutter. It spins and creates a vortex of wind that draws in adversaries to be cut to bits. This suit was designed in my storyline by Nebula Pheyden before he completed the Androbos suit.
If anyone else out there has made a reflex suit, post them on the forum!

The Alien Mercenaries!

A taste of the future or a peer into the past?

Be sure to visit Bah'Glenn Creations to read the continuing adventures of the Alien Mercs.

The Monster Inside

BioPheyden always lives under the threat of being transformed once more into the BioClone.

He can feel the mutation, caused by the touch of the Villser, surging through his limbs. He must keep it under control...

Vehicle Week! SNGRK Cycle

Been on a bit of a vehicle kick lately. This is a cycle made of Gobons and Infiltrator Buildmen.