Monday, June 22, 2009

What the hell, I'm still awake. The Final Battle

To recap:

Pheyden learned of a creature, MONSTROUS, that eats dimensions.

It arrived in the Glyos system and began a reign of terror, obliterating planets and heading for the center of the Edge of Space, planet Metran.

Guildmaster Pheyden assembled the known Pheydens and hatched a plan. Groups of Pheydens were dispatched throughout time and space to obtain the parts to create a weapon that could stop Monstrous, while others were put directly into his path to stop the advancement on Metran.

A number of things happened: Andromeda Pheyden unleashed his full being on Monstrous, fully transforming into a living star; at the same time, Eclipse Pheyden created a complete black hole, in hopes that the monster would be destroyed by the competing energies. But it did not work - Monstrous shrugged off the two Pheydens and continued on.

Pheyden himself followed his own plan - he followed Exellis, who had recently learned of a mirror pool that could show him the past where the secrets of the Sincroid Army could finally be revealed, to a place outside of space and time.
Pheyden had learned from the Delphi supercomputer that only a combination of Sincroid and true soul could defeat the monster; his interpretation of that was that it would be himself and Exellis.

He followed Exellis to the place where time could be observed. But Exellis had anticipated this - he revealed a Shadow Villser, his slave to protect him while looking through the mirror pool. Additionally, the BioClone had shifted its way through time, and was aligning itself with the Villser.
Pheyden had brought back-up in a newly formed Pheyden - Plasma Pheyden. This Pheyden, with the ability to control plasma energy, helped hold the Villser at bay while Pheyden confronted Exellis. The Sincroid attempted to escape, but Pheyden used his powers to hold Exellis at that point in time.
During the battle, the Villser attempted to absorb Plasma, as is the way of the Villser - but Plasma unleashed his vast powers - while, at the same time, Pheyden shifted time and space while battling Exellis. The place where they were located could not take the strain, and collapsed in on itself in an instant.

Quickly it formed, assembling from the air itself - an arm, a limb, parts knitting themselves back together from nothingness. The five beings had been formed into one- Villeyden. It warped back to where Monstrous was located, using plasma energy and time-shifting to traverse the space in seconds.

Monstrous arrived on the ice side of Metran, battling the remaining Pheydens and advancing on the Great Doors of the Glyans. Behind the door was...unknown, but supposedly, the beginning of the entire universe.

Monstrous moved forward - until its back was singed by a terrible energy blast. It quickly whipped around, seeing Villeyden.

The showdown was on - how would it end?

The battle raged for some time - Monstrous absorbing the energies thrown at it, and attempting to destroy Villeyden. Inside of the combined form of Villeyden, Pheyden spoke to Exellis, told him of Delphi. For the first time, Exellis understood - and suggested the final blow.
Using the massive Phase Tentacle melded into its back, Villeyden moved close to Monstrous. Activating its phase hand, Villeyden slipped his arm into the same molecular space as Monstrous. The plasma hand arced again and again, slapping Monstrous in its face. Exellis activated the self-destruct sequence of the fused mechanical parts of the being, while Pheyden channeled the plasma energy of the cosmos.

The combined energies of the plasma being phased directly into Monstrous with the energy from the self-destruct of Exellis' Sincroid pars were immense, but contained in a relatively small area due to the final parts of Pheyden's consciousness that could control time and space. Monstrous and Villeyden joined each other in oblivion. The Glyos system was free.

Or, should I say, A GLYOS SYSTEM was free.

A door opened in a special place in another Glyos system, a wall converting to energy and then back to solid matter as a creature stepped forth. Monstrous had arrived.

Badly hurt from the battle and no longer able to dimension jump, it slinked off into this new Glyos system in search of sustenance.

Where it would turn up a mystery.

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