Friday, April 24, 2009

Odds and Ends

Some new acquisitions:
Flippin' finally! Found the last one in NJ in a K-Mart, on clearance. I wouldn't have bought it otherwise. Not bad.

Madballs sighted in Legoland!

The suck-shelf is coming along...
...and quickly becoming crowded. I think some of the non-faves will be moved to another shelf, or behind the other figures.
BioPheyden Mark II gets an upgrade!

A crazy custom creation by my brother, wading through an army of Crayboth. Check out that tail!

Big Red gets a new head, along with the debut of Iron Buildtron MKII.

Re-arranged my TF shelves a bit - this is Masterforce.
Damn TRU and BOGO1/2 sale!!!
Other random things that have shown up at the house - Captain Simian, Vector Prime, a Power Miners set, Darkwind, Shockwave Animated set...
and Countdown, Bruticus, and Animated Skywarp.

Stuff I didn't take pics of: Palisades Clear Repto (love the silver brain) and Red Falcon, Power Lords Adam Power.

Something I would love to find: Captain Simian Gormongous. Has anyone ever seen one in person? Does anyone have one out there? Just an e-mail confirm with a pic would be good enough for me.

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