Sunday, April 19, 2009

Glyos sites coming out of the woodwork - Glyan Stories!

From beyond the Edge of Space comes...Glyan Stories.

Fellow Fan of Pheyden Kranix/Tengu/my ol' pal Roy has opened up a site where you can submit your stories from the "expanded universe" of Glyos. He doesn't want to know about Pheyden and Exellis - who is the crazy bartender who once witnessed a Sincroid massacre on the high plains of Issaris? What about the hotshot female pilot barrelling her way through the galaxy until she comes across a strange race of crab-like creatures devouring a star? YOU can tell their story. Or maybe you have a piece of artwork or some other non-toy creation you would like to share - Glyan Stories is the place to share it.

Stop over there now - Tengu has posted an introductory tale called "The Rescue" that you need to read.

Also, I've played around with the colors and layout here on the blog a bit. Let me know what you think.


mhart said...

The color layout is ok, except I would change the color of the links section. The right side bar is gray and the links are light blue. It's hard to see the links. I would make a change there.

Also, the image on the top of the page is a bit compressed due to size constraints I guess. I would like to see that in its regular format. It's def a step in the right direction though.

With all of this talent Don's thing could be done by now. A blog might be better for him.

R. said...

Thanks for the plug, John. And by the way, you're more than welcome to submit some of your stuff over there as well -- especially since I know you must have pages and pages of backstory behind your customs already.

As for the new layout: I dig the "Classic Space" / "Metran" look. With that in mind, maybe the banner image could be changed to show-off Metran Pheyden in some way? Heck, if it works out well enough, maybe you can do "Pheyden shifts" every so often...

John K. said...

Interesting. I hadn't associated the Metran fact. But I will keep it in mind.

I have a more permanent banner solution coming. This one was the best exclusive pic I could provide on the short notice of me thinking I should put a banner back on the page.

Although I like the idea of an eye-scorching "Plasma Pheyden" color scheme to the page.