Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Glyos Custom #29 - Dankos Phanost

During a time after the loss of his kingdom and before he learned the truth, Phanost found himself powerless on a remote planet, his strange energies of dimension drifting burned out from &#&#% ^. In the middle of an interplanetary war, he found himself taken in by the Dankos, warrior race of Glyos Middle Space. Together, they battled the Kansod, descendants of the Dankos, until...

The Dankos Flexion Suit allowed Phanost to have the strength of ten Glyans, as well as resistance to energy weapons. This suit also contained a low-level telepathic generator, allowing the wearer's mind to contact others of his army on the battlefield.

(head is a gray hand-cast original, production body parts)

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Monsterforge said...

I have never seen anyone use the upside down upper torso trick before... that's pretty darn cool! I really like the figure a lot, and you have given each of your figures such personality. This is why I like the Glyos System figures so much... it's like Micronauts all over again: all these great undefined characters with stories just waiting for us to write them. Keep up the good work!