Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Callgrim's World - The Red Album

Okay - so for those who don't know, a sister company to Onell Design has opened its doors - Rawshark Studios. Their flagship creation, Callgrim, is another character in the ever-expanding Glyos Universe. The blog for Callgrim and Rawshark can be found here.

At the recent New York Comic Con, the first Glyos releases from Rawshark were...released.
And what a pair.

Red Guardian Pheyden and Sentry Sarvos!

Any longtime fan of Glyos knows why these figures are so desired - they are the first commonly available figures to offer red parts. (Aves Exellis also has a different shade of red, but he is not a commonly available figure.) In addition, they are of the same high quality of every other Glyos figure.

The figures released from Rawshark so far have had an additional bonus item included - an artwork card, depicting the characters.
From the artwork, we can see that Red Guardian Pheyden and Callgrim have some kind of relationship. Additionally, multiple Sentry Sarvos are prowling over a planet, being watched by Callgrim, which is the first official statement made about Sarvos; we don't know exactly what he/it is right now, but at least in the Sentry version, there are more than one of them.

Now, of course, I have my own spin to add to this. The Red Guardian and Callgrim are located in a part of the Glyos system distant from the Edge of Space. They are investigating a rash of Sarvos sightings, trying to track down Sarvos. But what they find is a completely different issue - someone has taken the population of a planet and robotized them, creating a mechanical army of Sentry Sarvos cyborgs.

Who would do such a thing?
A red Scar Pheyden, assisted by...
Offender Phanost! But that goes against the nature of Phanost that we know of - why would he maim an entire planet? There is only one Phanost in all the known universes - could this be a new Phanost?

An unexpected "Friend of Pheyden" arrived to help find the answer...
Black Hole Exellis! An Exellis from a universe completely separate from the Glyos universe (and populated by strange, talking animals), he has escaped the insanity of the alternate universe by upgrading himself to travel through black holes. Now, he works with Callgrim and Red Guardian to stop the machinations of Red Scar and Offender Phanost.

Red Guardian Pheyden and Sentry Sarvos are available at the time of this writing from the Rawshark webstore. The head and torso of Black Hole Exellis are available from Banimon.com webstore. At this time, the red Scar and red Phanost heads must remain a mystery...

Custom Glyos creation by the fans - Hunter Exellis

From our good friend Ghost Target, a custom version of Exellis:

This is the only known photo of "The Hunter," taken shortly after he fell to the ground. It was prophesied, that this Exellis would be reborn in our darkest hour; to once again protect the innocent. According to the ancient text, The Hunter was originally a “bounty hunter” sent to capture the renegade Phanost and his Sincroid army. He disappeared over three centuries ago when he tried to prevent a collision between the Onell comet and our Minor Sun. Shortly after the picture was taken, a bright flash enveloped The Hunter has he continued on his pursuit of his target.
Keep the customs coming! I love reading the stories and seeing what other people think of the mythos.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Glyos Custom Checklist #25

It is unknown how a Pheyden is created - energy? Some cosmic quirk? The whim of a god or gods?

Regardless, in most cases, Pheyden is brought into existence as a fully-formed, functional minded being.

But there was one time that this was not the case...

On the planet Pyros, a war raged between the Pyrians and their natural nemesis on the planet, the Daemos. The battle was brutal - bodies lay stacked in neat rows outside the capital city of Pyros. A special commando team from planet Metran was sent to Pyros to investigate.

The war was nearly over - the Pyrians had decimated the Daemos. But there was an undercurrent on the planet of something big about to occur - even the Metrans could feel it.
Intelligence was nil - there was no indication of any Daemon counter-offensive - but the Metrans could feel something worse on the horizon.

The leader of the Metran commandos took his team deep into Daemon territory, joined by a few of the best Pyrians. They discovered something horrible occurring within the Daemon's home city.
Feeling that they could not win the war through normal means, the Daemon focused all of their energy on a doomsday weapon - something that could win the war for them with little effort.
The efforts of their scientists - and their occultists - lead to the creation of a glove. The glove, when worn, would channel the powers of the universe and beyond, giving the wearer near-unlimited energy to control. The glove had been activated and ready to go for a period of time; enough time to start to subconciously begin to project the attitudes of the Daemon over the entire planet. The problem, you see, that the Daemon found was deciding who should wear the glove into battle. It became a political debate - while their soldiers died on the battlefield, the politicians played a game of "who has the most scroat".

The Metran commando leader knew that the glove had to be destroyed, at all costs. Even bringing it back to Metran could lead to planetary disaster.
Little did he know that the universe had other plans...

The commandos set their plan - it would be a quick jaunt into the place where the glove was kept, set some bombs, and get the hell out. If they could preserve their own lives, that would be a plus.
The plan went as it had been visualized. The commandos made it into the room with the glove - and then all hell broke loose. The Daemon army had found out what their politicians were doing. The leader of the army then cast a new vote - for death to the politicians. He would wear the glove and end this battle. Unfortunately for the commandos, this happened while they were placing the bombs.
The commandos were caught in a room with only one exit, blocked in by an army desparate to get the glove. The lead commando fought hard, watching his comrades fall. Time was running out - the bombs had only a short time before detonation.
It was then that he thought of the glove. If the commando put on the glove, he would become all-powerful. He could fight his way through the army, end the conflict, and get off of planet Pyros. He grabbed the glove and checked the timer - but a stray phase blast slapped the explosives*

The world disappeared, and the commando felt his conciousness go with it. There was no more bomb, no more room, no more war - only the vastness of space. Memory started to fade - his childhood on Metran, his first mate, the acts of terror against Metran by the Sincroids, the creation of the Sa- it was gone. All gone.
But his mind did not disappear. What could be called his personality came together again, memory-free.
Once again, his eyes opened, but his sight was different. His eyes had...changed somehow. He looked at his body, and it was alien to his mind. Shockingly enough, his right hand was not a hand - it was a large glove, transparent red and glowing with power. He looked at it carefully, eying the strange energy contained within. Someone was calling a name...was it his name? It was a commando, dressed in a blue and grey outfit. A weapon was pointed at him - a phase arm! He knew it was called a phase arm, but did not know how or why he knew that. Sounds came from his face, but not a mouth, more like a pulsing skin of flesh over a set of teeth. The Metran raised his visor, terror in his eyes. "Darta'gan?"
The name registered - it was his, or was his once. But no longer. In the reflection of the Metran's eyes, Darta'gan knew he was different.

It took time, but it all had been explained to him. Dara'gan had been a commando for the Metrans. He had tried to blow up a weapon of the Daemon, but had been somehow changed and fused with it. The powers of the glove had been much overrated, as far as destructive capability went. But they did bring him back to life, in a different, alien form.
He would become known as the Hell Daemon, a secret operative for planet Metran, taking care of the problems it could not take care of publicly.

His existence was a secret for many years...this was one of the most well-known captures of his visage:
Later, after Metran Pheyden came to be the protector of planet Metran, Hell Daemon came to realize his true origin as a Pheyden, and partnered with Metran Pheyden in his adventures.

From then on, he was known as Hell Pheyden.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Custom Glyos Checklist #24 - Dembrha Sarvos


Glyos Custom Checklist #22 - Phanost in Supernova Suit

As I have stated before, Phanost exists in the Glyos universe in one singular version.
He looks for the answers behind his, and Pheyden's, origins. Where did they come from? Why can Pheyden travel through time and space? And where the hell is Gobon?

In his travels, Phanost has utilized his vast intellect and found that there are many places that cannot be searched through regular means due to radiation, energy, and gravity.
To overcome these issues, Phanost developed the Supernova Suit.
The suit is not radiation-proof, but instead radiation-absorbing; special organic nanomachines absorb the radiation and convert it to energy, which is used to protect the wearer from radiation and energy, or to power the Sarvonic Gendrone blaster attached to the suit.
The suit allows Phanost to journey into stars and collect their energy for use in his experiments.

The head on this Phanost is a hand-cast one.

Glyos Custom Checklist #21 - Pheyden in Otubak Skin

On a planet filled with rampaging giant robots, Pheyden found himself without a definitive plan to stop the terror of the robots. But helped by a kindly scientist, Pheyden finished a weapons system created on the planet. It was not until the suit, which the scientist called a "skin", was finished that Pheyden learned what it could do: allow him to energize his fist and shoot it off as a projectile.

After Pheyden was done slapping the scientist for such an insane plan, he took the suit out onto the battlefield; surprisingly enough, the power fist would disrupt mechanical entities it hit, rendering them powerless.
The suit was later used as the key to stop the mechanical mastermind behind the giant robots.

Pheyden held onto the suit when he left the planet, just in case it was ever needed again.

Glyos Custom Checklist #20 - Metaru Pheyden

There are very few Pheydens who work for governmental entities.

The planet Metran is home to the governing bodies of the Glyos system.
Two times in history, a Pheyden has appeared on this planet.
The first was Metran Pheyden. The second appeared in one of the borderland cities on Metran, Metaru. So thus was this Pheyden named - Metaru Pheyden.

The death of Metaru Pheyden led directly to the creation of the Enigma Force, a special ops team based on Metran, under the leadership of Metran Pheyden.

Metaru was a superb hand-to-hand combatant, and had the respect of the citizens of planet Metran.
His body currently resides in stasis in the memorial temple on Metran.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Glyos Custom checklist #23 - I NEED YOUR HELP!

Sometimes, I come up with a color combination that I like, but I just can't finish it in a way that I like.
This colorway is an example of this.

I had a head picked out, but it didn't work in the end.

So I throw it out to the fans - which production-level head would you place on this body? An Exellis, Pheyden, Phanost, or Sarvos? Which colors?

Custom Glyos Checklist #19 - Denoch Pheyden

My customs come from a general period of time: the initial period of Glyos discovery, which was pre-NYCC 2008; from NYCC 08 to SDCC 08; SDCC 08 through the release of the second runs of Standard Pheyden and Exellis; from then until NYCC 09; and stuff since then.

Denoch Pheyden is from the second time period listed.

I had come up with this design for a while before I figured out what it was going to be called.
This is another Pheyden who was subjected to forces outside of his control and changed irrevocably.
This Pheyden is from the standard line, and was originally once the same colored blue. He was investigating a planetary distress call which was meant as a trap for the mysterious bounty hunter known as "Skullface". Pheyden investigated the signal, finding a weapon that could reduce a planet to gas. Unfortunately, the device was activated, and this Pheyden was reduced to gases.

In the Glyos system, being reduced to gas is not necessarily the end.
His next memory is awakening in the laboratory of a purple Pheyden, accompanied by a green Pheyden. A special pair of gloves and boots have collected the gaseous essence of this Pheyden, who they call Denoch due to his similarity to the like-named gaseous race of the Glyos universe.
The gloves make Denoch solid again, although they do not have the power to make him solid colored again. The experience has rendered him a clear blue transparent color. Tiny swirls of color move through his body as he continues on his mission throughout the Glyos system.

Surprisingly, the experience of being changed to gas has not dampened Denoch's mood. He still approaches every problem with a good disposition, and can be counted on when needed.

Glyos Fun Checklist #23 - Hades


Glyos Custom Checklist #17 - Phanost in Dynamite Suit

As previously mentioned, Phanost uses a number of different suits to accomplish his tasks.
One such suit is the Dynamite Suit.
This suit allows the wearer to punch with the concussive force equivalent to an exploding box of TNT.

Phanost does not have the technology available to him that Exellis does, and as such, must physically change into each suit that he wears. This requires some planning - the choice of the wrong suit could lead to his death, with the danger that lurks around every corner at the Edge of Space.

When using the energy stored in the suit, his hands will sometimes glow with power.

Glyos Custom Checklists - #16 and #18 - Sarvos

Left to Right: Energized Sarvos, Sarvos in Resurrection Suit.


Glyos Custom Checklist #15 - Phanost in Phase Suit

Is he a mutated Pheyden from the past or present? Another strange alien from the Glyos universe, with secret motivations? The reincarnation of an ancient demon, hell-bent on destroying space and time?
It hasn't been touched on much in the official Glyos chronicles, but in my universe, I see Phanost as a unique individual.
As such, he wears different suits and uses technology to achieve his goals.

This is the Phase Suit, which allows him to pass through solid objects. The power source for the suit is located in his legs, under extra-armored boots. They are known to glow when activated...

The head of this Phanost is a hand cast, and the body utilizes parts from Cyber Ghost Exellis, Aves Exellis, Empire Exellis, and Solaris Exellis.

Glyos Custom Checklist #14 - Hyper Energy Govurom

Ahh...my early attempts at customs.
This is Hyper Energy Govurom.
Govurom has a unique personality, at first, in the Glyos system in that we don't go on his adventures with him; we see Govurom from the perspective of characters he interacts with, such as Pheyden or Exellis. Based on their own personalities, we get different reads on this character. Govurom can be an antagonist to Exellis, or assist him in finding a precious Sincroid module.

Govurom feels closest to these two characters because, once, he WAS Pheyden and Exellis - or versions of them. Through unexplained circumstances, a version of Pheyden and a version of Exellis were mashed together on a molecular level, creating this affront to the cosmos.
Govurom SMELLS. He smells like machine oil and rotting biological matter.

In the course of his adventures, Govurom finds he can access module powers like Exellis - but only in combinations, or he can wear specialized suits as Pheyden does.
This particular look is the combination of two Exellis modules - Hyper and Energy. It allows Govurom extra energy to carry out his tasks - the equivalent of drinking a hundred coffees.
His one arm ends in a pulse blaster; powered by the module, it allows him to fire energy bolts at all who would stop him from finding the treasure he so desparately seeks.

This custom is a hand cast Govurom head in transparent orange, with a white paint wash on his craggly mug, with pink eyes to denote his origins. He combines parts from Energy and Hyper Exellis, with a glove from the Standard Exellis. The chest has been further customized by dremeling off the sides of the chest part, to give it a different look.

This was one of the first paint jobs I did on a figure (circa...NYCC 2008), so it is pretty rough.

Glyos Customs #13 - a pair of Phanosts

Onell Design has done a number of figures, but people out there may not be aware of the origins of the company.

And you won't learn them here. HA!

Okay, now that the crickets have died down, our featured figures in this update are not my original designs, so I will not name them or describe their personality/abilities.
Over the years that Onell has been in operation, there have been a number of updates as things have been in the pipeline. For instance, Phase Arms were first previewed in a post on the Glyos Transmission Weblog during December 2007; it was nearly a year before it was available to the public, albeit in a prototype release in the Warp Zone section of the site.
The character of Phanost was first previewed in the 12/19/07 update of the Glyos blog, but his first official release was not until this year.
Above, you will see a design that replicates the original look of Phanost (on the right side of the pic) as shown in that post, although I have modified it slightly due to the parts available to me at this time. The head was available in one of the Warp Zone offerings, although I'm not telling which as it is no longer available.

The other Phanost look is based on a teaser from one of the Glyos log postings...3/1/08 shows the pictures. Again, I replicated it as best as possible from the pics and the available parts.
This head is a hand cast version that was never commercially available for sale. I can't even discuss how I got it, otherwise "a man who makes soap" may beat my ass for discussing it.

Never did get a trans-green Phanost head though...



Join the Glyos CUSTOM CORPS!

Over on Onell Design, right now, they are selling super-customized Glyos figures as the Custom Corps!

Love the Visitor Phanost, Dark Govurom, the Lost Sincroids and their leader, and all the rest. So cool.

My personal hope is for a certain green-headed Govurom.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Custom Glyos checklist #12 - Pheyden in Tempest Suit

After a long night of marketing classwork, wanted to get some blog posts out there...

Pheyden utilizes a number of different suits in his duties around the Edge of Space: trapper suits, the Kromnet suit, the Golden Sunset suit...but one of the most useful of the suits that Pheyden obtains is the Tempest Suit.

The Tempest Suit allows the wearer to channel their own bio-electricity and use it for a number of purposes: throwing electrical bolts, powering machinery, completing circuits without being electrocuted - among a number of other uses.

This custom version of Pheyden utilizes parts from a number of figures:
Head and feet - standard Pheyden.
Lower legs - Energy Exellis
Chest - Pyros Exellis
Hands - Cosmic Wave Pheyden
Waist - Hyper Exellis
Thighs and upper arms - Empire Exellis.

Do you have a fun or favorite custom Glyos figure? E-mail to me at epicroad AT aol.com with a small description and I'll post it here!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pimping a link! The Dork Dimension

When doing some research for my RBT posts, I found that my old buddy Nathan (I still need a Rockadile box, lol) has his own site/blog going, the Dork Dimension. Check it out!

The Weird World of Rocks and Bugs and Things

Soooo...way back when, I wanted to do something on the web. Everybody had a website - why couldn't I? Well, there were a number of good reasons. What could I make a website about? My collection of Gi Joe was pretty comprehensive at that point, but there was already YoJoe.com. Transformers already had some decent web coverage. There were archives for He-Man, the Real Ghostbusters...even damn Police Academy had a site.

So I looked around my toy boxes (no room at that point, just a massive storage area in my mother-in-law's basement) for something to make a site about. Atari games - no good (AtariAge.com). Captain Power? Yep, someone already did a site for it. Inhumanoids? Yep.

But, finally it popped out at me - a old and broken Terrorantula figure - the red thing in the upper left hand corner of the graphic above. The toyline - Rocks and Bugs and Things, by Ideal Toys. There was a small tribute site, which has transferred here . But no archive.

I pulled what I had - five of the figures, but no Mordles. A quest unfurled over a number of years to find boxed examples of all the toys and provide the contents to the public, so that once and for all, we would know if the Mordles were paired up with specific figures or what.

Obviously, to be continued.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nostalgia is the death of my money.

I looked at these when they first came out - the Mars Mission Lego sets - and although I thought they were cool, I didn't see myself buying them because they weren't Classic Space.

Well, with the new Space Police (check out Parry Game Preserve in February for some great coverage!) coming out June-ish this year, I checked those over as well. Cool, but just not enough. Or so I thought. In one of the sets, there is, included, a small Lego statue of the classic Spaceman.
So I did some research...Lego had the classic Space logo as part of the Mars Mission logo, but I didn't catch it, which surprises me, because I catch stuff like that usually. Or maybe I did catch it, but thought the figures didn't have the symbol.

But they do. And there are stickers of the symbol, making this an official continuation or reboot of the classic line. So now I am in, trying to find 10 more of these sets from a year or two back, long gone from shelves but still relatively affordable. Ah well - at least they look cool and have been fun builds, so far.

Sucklord Suckadelic - The Third Haul - IN 3D!

My brohams who tell me that they have trouble finding toys that are limited to 10,000 make me laugh. Try finding something from early 2008, that completely sold out, which was limited to TWENTY PIECES.

The two newest additions to the growing Suck-shelf.

More fun than a human head!




The box of stuff won in the recent contest went out today for one lucky winner.
What could be in the box? It could be anything.

*note: actual box not pictured, cause I forgot to take a picture of it before I mailed it.

If they are the answer, what is the question?*

Everybody who follows Glyos has heard of the Shadow Squad. A team of elite killers who terrorize the Glyos universe.

Now, a team has emerged that wants to take them down - THE BUILD TEAM.

the Build Team in their antiseptic hideout.

From left to right:
Hammerdead, the leader of the Build Team. He carries a Mega-BuildLaser as his primary weapon.
Pink, the enforcer of the group. One hand is a bludgeoning weapon, his other carries a BuildBlaster version one.
Wedge, the brains of the group. His head-shell conceals a Glyosian processor which can analyze billions of databytes in seconds. Carries a medium BuildBlaster and a double-hammer hand.

From left to right:
Brute, the silent warrior.
Skiff, the clean-up crew. Low to the ground, his back has a blaster protruding from his back, and he carries a BuildHammer.
Red, oldest of the Build Team. His arm ends in a BuildHammer, and his other arm has been converted into a smashing melee weapon.
The Prototype. Newest member of the team.

Buildman has been a lot of fun so far. You can get a lot of good looks out of them with just a couple of different figures for parts.

These versions are completely sold out - they might have been the quickest sellout in Onell history - but BRAND NEW COLORWAYS should be popping up soon in the official Glyos store. Keep your eyes peeled.

*with apologies to Larry Hama.

Suckadelic Sucklord 2 - the New Batch

The second batch of Suckadelic figures I have obtained. I love the aesthetic and storyline that is maintained by each new release. It shows a sense of humor missing from many new toy lines.

Number one want - Star Chumps Steve, and the Galactic Jerkbag.

Check out the hilarity of a "vintage" Suckadelic commercial here .

Infinite Heroes!

Some of the newest ones I have found.

By Request - and what's on my mind...

Special pic by request:

For a picture of what is currently on my mind, the full picture of my nightstand:

This is not a riddle or an answer to a contest, but the secret answer in the above picture is FOUR.

Sucklord stuff - Suckadelic - The First Batch

I love collecting stuff. But you knew that already, based on the previous blog posts.
At times, it becomes impossible to collect things based on what is going on in your life at the time when an item is released...or you have a feeling, somewhere deep inside, that you should not collect certain lines, like Planet Heroes and Major Powers.

This is an example of the former.

Micronauts/Microman is an old favorite toyline. So in the Micronauts community, we had heard of a new figure that was of potential interest to us - the Cosmo Douche. I saw the pics and wanted to buy one, but it was just not possible at the time - my wife was out of work, and my spending money was nil. Plus, it technically would have entered me into a brand-new toyline called Suckadelic Bootlegs. I am always careful about jumping into new-to-me toylines, because it can get very expensive very quickly if there is a huge backlog of previous releases (see also: Transformers, G1).

Years passed by, and I forgot about Cosmo Douche.
In going to various conventions, I have met a number of people in the toy industry. At NYCC, I was lucky enough to meet Sucklord himself, and have a number of decent conversations with him. I brought up the Cosmo Douche, and finally I was able to purchase one at last. I customized it slightly with a vintage Kiddie City sticker I had laying around, which was asking me to use it somehow.

The Glyos Sucklord figure is also a prized possession of mine. For those that missed out, keep your eyes peeled. There may be another way to get one coming up in the near future...

Custom Glyos Creation by the fans - Sylvain's Build Bike!

Today, we start with a custom Glyos vehicle from one of our readers, Sylvain:

Meet the Build Bike! Looks like a pretty solid ride for a Dimension Pheyden.

Just a note to the fans out there who may not know - the wheels are from another toyline called Beantown Beans (check out their site here ), available with the Spoon Racer products. All of the parts of the spoon are Glyos-compatible...reminds me that there is a custom creation of mine I need to post soon that uses those parts...

Keep the customs coming, everyone!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Glyos Checklist - G021 Pulse Pheyden

I don't have much to say about Pulse Pheyden. He's candylicious? Most of the first few waves have found their way into my daily rotation, but this is one of the few figures that I have bought and just not really found a use for yet.

Maybe he can be a missing Pheyden - a Pheyden that is found later on which will help provide a key to a mystery or something.

Pulse Pheyden is sold out at Onell Design.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pimpin stuff! Monster Mania Convention

Hey dudes and dudettes!

If you are in the New Jersey, Cherry Hill area this weekend, there is an event of monumental importance happening*!
Get to meet your favorite stars of film and screen (if you like horror films). Thrill to meeting - Fairuza Balk! Lance Henriksen (just added)! A bunch of hot chicks from Friday the 13th films, including Mrs. Voorhees! 3/5ths of the cast of Phantasm!

I'll be there too, although not on the guest list this year. Maybe next year!
Monster-Mania site

*note: event may not actually have monumental importance. Your mileage may vary.

A gift for those who didn't like the Watchmen movie...

from your ol' pal Gobby.

Nah, I am not that kind of person - the group 'you' out there are entitled to your opinion about everything and anything.
What I would wish for is a less critical society overall. I follow CHUD.com. The messageboard has a thread on Watchmen that is already at thirty pages as of this writing. Everything bothers somebody...
I'm still not ready to write about the movie, but it, and a critical reading of other reviewer's styles over the last few months, have helped shape what I want my reviews to be.

I'm still trying to articulate the words for what I feel. Check out the thread - it redefines nitpicking.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Glyos Checklist - G022 Empire Exellis

Last one for tonight...it just went from 2 am to 3 am here in the US in the span of a minute with our brilliant "Daylight Savings Time"...*

Empire Exellis. A visually striking color palette - and a simple one, at that.
I see this as the final module that Exellis finds before the REDLAW incident. It gives him the ability to mind-control other beings in his vicinity, and increases in power as he uses it more and more.

Empire Exellis is long sold out. Which is a shame - great figure, with lots of custom potential.
Not that it matters - lots of new figures in the pipeline over at Onell (Armodoc!).

*not being sarcastic. It is good to have more pool time at the end of the day in the summer.

Glyos Checklist - G024 Pyros Exellis

It's turned out to be quite an Exellis night, eh? Suppose that is what happens when your mind is full of Watchmen...Alright, so continuing on from the previous tales:
Exellis has been freed from the possession of REDLAW, and is satisfied with the fact that he exists. With the now separate entities Hyper Exellis (who calls himself Hyper-E) and Cyber Ghost Exellis (CeeGee), they journey to the planey Pyros to regroup and plan their next move.

After being caught up in a tale of political intrigue where Exellis is almost a heroic character (but not quite, dropping a thief who nearly became the king of Pyros into an open volcano), Exellis is shown to the treasure room of the King of Pyros, free to choose whatever he likes for saving the planet from outside influence.
Inside the treasure room is an Exellis module.
Exellis tenatively touches it, a new computer program designed to stop a similar situation to Redlaw occurring again. The module begins to absorb into Exellis - but instead, forms a completely new Sincroid version before the eyes of the assembled Exellises.

This new Sincroid, Pyros Exellis, is heat-resistant, to the point where he can wade into molten lava and not be destroyed. He joins up with the other Sincroids, ready to follow the main Exellis...

Pyros is still available from Onell Design.

Glyos Checklist - G023 Redlaw Exellis

As previously related in my posts on Exellis, the journey of Exellis across the Glyos system has been in search of "modules" - Sincroid parts which, theoretically, should give some clues to the existance of Exellis, and also have the side benefit of granting him powers.

At the end of what I would consider the first or second season of Glyos tales (I like to think in batches of thirteen, although I have not thought of exactly how many episodes I would do before getting to this point), Exellis thinks that he finds the module which he has been looking for the entire time - a memory module which will unlock the secrets of his origin, where the Lost Sincroid Army has been banished to, and the creation of the Glyos system.

He is wrong.

The module seems innocuous - a trans-purple chest module. Exellis absorbs it - and then his mind is under attack. An alien influence overwrites his mind, something from outside the Glyos system and beyond the Edge of Space. An invader from another time and place that is used to dealing with cybernetic organisms...
It is the REDLAW. Combined with Exellis and the modules Exellis has already absorbed, Redlaw can access a number of powers.

It takes the efforts of three Pheydens - Standard, Eclipse, and Andromeda - to stop the rampage of Redlaw across the Glyos universe. In the end, Redlaw is destroyed, the resultant energy splitting Exellis into eight distinct Sincroids, each based on some aspect of Exellis' personality.

Disregarding all of my storyline info, I think this is a beautiful color combination. The colors of purple and pink, transparent, really pop against each other.

Redlaw Exellis is still available through Onell Design, although Low Stock status has been assigned to this figure. Get it before it is gone 4-EVAH!

Glyos Checklist - G019 Cosmic Wave Pheyden

Spoiler - Cosmic Wave Pheyden dies in the battle against Monstrous in my universe.

With that out of the way...
Onell has put out a number of clear figures, and this is another excellent example.

Character-wise, I find him to be a very spacy dude, if you will pardon the pun. He was once a standard blue and white Pheyden that was caught up in cosmic phenomenon (more below). His mind was expanded by the cosmic energy to the maximum evolutionary path - and it destroyed him.
His memory is fragmented - at times he is a hero; at others, a coward. Scatterbrained, or a genius. He can't travel through time. He is not a fighter. He merely flows through space, running into various situations and complicating them.
One notable tale involved CW (always spoken with derision by other Pheyden who meet him, save Eclipse and Standard Pheyden) coming across a ship full of lifeforms who were on the verge of losing the atmosphere they needed to survive. The original Pheyden that he was returned, and went on a race against the clock to save the beings. When the final countdown hit, he was nearly finished restoring the power - when his mind went into its fugue state, killing all aboard.
Somewhere in his brain, the event was logged - but the part of his personality in control at the time did not register this event in the slightest, moving on to the next "adventure"...

Cosmic Wave was involved in the battle against Monstrous, as many Pheydens were. Another Pheyden recognized the damage that had been done to CW, and restored his fractured mind. CW was restored - his memories crashing into each other. The multiple failures weighed on him heavily...in the end, CW was restored to a heroic stature when he battled Monstrous in a manner that cost him his life.

Damn! Just noticed that CW is totally sold out through Onell Design. As a matter of fact, the only two figures still available who were originally released before NYC 2008 are Nebula Pheyden and Solaris Exellis. Get 'em before they're gone for good!

I notice a part of the above to be a theme I return to over and over again in my fiction (not that I have ever been hit by some cosmic phenomenon and turned into a mutant space-alien-robot-timetraveller) - the idea of being changed irrevocably by some outside influence. One day you are normal - the next day you are different, a catalyst causing a metamorphosis into...something else. If I examine this psychologically, I know the exact WHY that this happens to me, but it's not exactly something that you throw onto a toy blog.
I've felt the effect a number of times over the years. Other people feel it too - "a moment of clarity", perhaps? Un Chien Andalou - The Act of Seeing with One's Own Eyes*. It becomes a choice to react to the change and become something better, or to let it pass and stand aside.

*forgive me if this is mistranslated. It is direct from memory. This isn't the most academic blog, outside of grammatically.

I could write 10,000 words on Watchmen...

But I won't. Not now. I think I am going to see it again in the theater.

I will say this - very, very happy with what I saw, and looking forward to the Director's Cut.

Coda and the secret of ESREVER

"What's the point of anything?"
- Louie, THE WISH, 2006

Ah! So now we come to the meat of the situation.

If anyone can determine the connective thread from the Countdown threads that leads to the above picture and its meaning, post it in the comments section. You may have to SeARCH for it. There may be a prize involved...

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Glyos Fun Checklist - F10 and F11 Anti-Matter Pheyden and Matter Exellis

Storyline explanation for these guys - throughout the infinite universes where Pheyden exists, there are a number of variations on the Glyos universe.
In one such variation, Exellis is the guardian of the Glyos universe, and he fights a number of aliens called Pheyden who want to destroy time and space.
During one altercation, they are thrown into the main Glyos universe, and interact with a world that is the opposite of their own. Matter Exellis is shocked to find that the Crayboth are not an intergalactic peace-keeping operation, but a race of seemingly mindless animals.
Eventually, they are returned to their own dimension, but not before Exellis tells our Pheyden a secret that will eventually help him answer the question - WHERE IS GOBON?

Now, the explanation of these figures - they are another set of "bonus" figures floating around out there from Onell Design that I only learned about at SDCC 2008. I have named them, in lieu of direction from Onell, and you can build them if you like my take on the story, or the general look of the figures, by purchasing an Empire Exellis and Eclipse Pheyden and swapping the parts around. It is that simple.

Custom Checklist #11 - Exellis in Kromnet Suit

I look at my Glyos storyline like a television show - in terms of seasons and such.

One of the seasons ends when the denizens of the Glyos system meet Monstrous.

An earlier season ends with what is thought to be the ultimate showdown between Exellis and Pheyden. Pheyden finally tracks down Exellis and demands that Exellis pay for the crimes he has committed against the Glyos system. He activates the Kromnet suit, thinking that there is no way that Exellis will be able to defend against it.
But Exellis has a Kromnet Suit too.

Stars die as the power of two Kromnet suits battle against each other. Pheyden and Exellis fly through space, their bodies slamming through entire planets and reducing them to rubble.
It takes a unique thought on Pheyden's part to finally overcome the power of the suits...but that story will have to wait for another day.

Custom Checklist #10 - Full Energy Exellis

Another simple one. Energy Exellis shown in his energy-transfer state. He becomes much more important in the battle against Monstrous, although he meets his end during one of the failed plans that is put in place by Pheyden when trying to stop Monstrous.

Custom Glyos Checklist #9 - Cured BioPheyden

Quick tale...

When I made this figure, the parts for an official BioPheyden were just not available.
So I did the next best thing - improvisation. Substituting the original light purple parts Onell used on their version with white parts from Eclipse Pheyden and Empire Exellis, I created this version. And then, after I obtained parts to make the actual BioPheyden, I modified the storyline to say that this is BioPheyden in an improved Flexion Suit, after he is cured from the Villser infection.
(no idea what all this means? Check out the November and December 2007 posts on the Glyos Transmission Weblog.)

The figure on the right is BioP right after he is restored to Pheyden form. His hands and feet still show the infection. The figure on the left is after he is fully cured. He wears a trans-green belt, which has been created to protect him from further Villser infection.