Sunday, January 4, 2009

What does an almost complete Lego Classic Space collection look like?

It was a nightmare to cram all of the sets into this pic. I was dealing with limited display space at the time, but I like the hustle and bustle of the jammed spaceports of the (Lego) future.
I am missing only two sets from this essential era of Lego*: Sonic Robot (a tough set to get in the US, but one of the only sets a friend of mine had as a kid, so go figure) and Crater Crawler.

My all-time favorite set can be seen in the lower left-hand corner of the picture - 6980 Galaxy Commander. I did not acquire this set until adulthood, but it was worth every penny. It is one of the only sets I bought with the box.

Lego is so much fun - you can build anything you can imagine (and get parts for).

Check out - the instruction cover scans above are courtesy of them. You can find info about all your favorite Lego sets there.

*I am missing a handful of bricks from some sets here and there, and a few were done in custom colors - there were a few non-US sets which were built out of all grey bricks where I used all black bricks, for example.

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