Saturday, December 27, 2008

Where does Pheyden hang out inbetween missions?

the un-retouched photo

Pheyden Base!

Constructed by the Pheyden known as Guildmaster, the Pheyden Base is a fortress constructed beyond the Edge of Space on the threshold between dimensions. Surrounded by chronal energy and time itself, the base is not easily accessable.
The base is a mixture of technology and items amassed by Pheydens over the years.
The enemies of the universe which are too deadly to destroy and beings which require further observation are brought to the base for further study.
It is inherently dangerous to visit the base - one misstep and a Pheyden can be lost to the raw power of time, spread throught all times and spaces simeltaneously.
A primary feature of the base is the "Time Gate", which allows the Guildmaster to destroy time and space for conversion to pure energy. He has not notified the other Pheyden of this machinery...

There are a bunch of easter eggs in the pic above - see if you can find them all!

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