Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Welcome to...FRIGHT NIGHT

Okay, for anybody out there who comes across this blog...

my name is John K. I am a fan and collector of many things, including toys, comic books, and horror movies.

I've been having a lot of thoughts about some of the things I collect recently, and wanted to get some of those thoughts down in a public forum, and possibly exorcise some of the demons which plague my mind - i.e., have a reference for things I think about wayyy too much.

In the days to come, there will be posts about my favorite toy lines - the Glyos system, Gi Joe Extreme, Transformers, and whatever else comes to mind.
I might talk about movies I have recently watched - I could write a couple paragraphs about Teeth, to use a recent example.
Or I might post about whatever else is in my mindspace.

I might tell you how I learned there is no God because of dogs.
How my dog is like my son. Or how a dog finally broke me of my completist nature.

I also have a bunch of pics from my late, lamented (surprisingly) website, The World of Rocks and Bugs and Things (by Ideal). So some of those lost treasures might be popping back up when you least expect it.

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Sylvain said...

I found THE ANSWER !