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Our regularly scheduled programming of Pheyden variants and long ramblings about movies will continue tomorrow or Friday. For now, a quick post about some sites I visit and have not previously mentioned. (note to self- ask Matt how to get the link section that he has on his site working on mine)

Parry Game Preserve - a great friend. Check out the recent Transformers questions. You may find the phrasing of the questions similar to posts on a blog somewhere that you might have read...

Madballs Central - the main blog of new Madball information. Recently announced Series III of the new Madballs! I would have put down a million-dollar bet in the year 2000 that we would sooner see new Thundercats before Madballs came back. Thank Cthulu I was wrong - I never liked Thundercats. And I'll post a Madballs pic eventually - still looking for a Goal Eater from the originals if anyone out there has one for sale... - I was reading columns by Adam Pawlus about Star Wars when the Internet was just coming out of the Pangea age. (NOTE: my child and others of her generation will never know a world without cellphones. Or eBay [or its decendant]. In 1998, I used to tie up a phone line for 10 hours to try and download a picture of a series 3 Trendmasters War Planets toy. Shit, if anyone out there has those pics stored on a hard drive somewhere on a Compaq Presario with whopping 8 megs ram, drop me a line.) Anyway, Adam has had a column on Star Wars figures for as long as I can remember. Sites such as Yakface, one other one, before his current home at The aformentioned is a more general blog about the overall world of toys and games. Usually updated on Mondays and Tuesdays.
I think the only question I sent Adam for his Q and A was one about "what are all the possible figures for the original Star Wars trilogy, just based on the movies". Which is not answerable, since Lucas and the merchandising groups have messed with the movie and its characters time and again to the point where the werewolf - Lak Sivrak - was an X-Wing Pilot. Yeah. Although that might be a figure I would buy.


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