Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Death of KB

With the impending shut-down of KB Toys, I have been visiting the ones that are still open that I used to frequent as a kid and into adulthood.

KB in the Roosevelt Mall - the first one I can remember ever going to. No stock left of anything good - could have picked up Indiana Jones figures (what does that say about them that no one wants Crystal Skull figures?), a couple of Gargans, and a ton of SW keychains.
The shelving was for sale. It really hits me right here (pounds chest).
I bought Atari games at this store, and hard-to-find Hasbro WWF figures on the purple cards, and the second blue card series. They had an Action Master Sprocket figure that I wound up getting...and a lot of ToyBiz Marvel figures when five inch figures were all the rage.

I've also been to the KB in the Gallery, and at Franklin Mills, and a couple of the random ones in Jersey.

What really bothers me is that I will go to these malls again some day in the future, and there will be some stupid clothing store there selling the same stupid clothes that every other store in the mall sells. Or a pager shop. There is no way to return to the glory days of Kiddie City, Family Toy Warehouse, and all the other toy chains I see ads for at awesome online websites, but never remember from our own neighborhood.

In honor of KB, let us look at some ads online and remember the good times of 3/$10 Waterworld, VR Troopers, Space He-Man, Robin Hood, etc, etc, etc at the Vintage Space Toaster Palace

RIP KB TOYS - 1922 - 2009

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