Monday, August 2, 2010

SDCC Part 3 - in 3D!

The Glyos exclusives, from left to right:
Bootleg Chaos, by Vectar in collaboration with the bootlegging crew.
Vectar figure, custom version by me.
Delic Grimsuck, a Suckadelic x Rawshark figure.
Rilleco Chaos!, Real x Head release in conjunction with Onell Design.
Secret Chester, by Jesse Destasio
Clopos and Brainos, by Triclops, painted by Paul Kaiju
Future Nibbler, by the Tarantulas.

With that out of the way...
What makes the Comic Con - or any convention, really - is the people. Panels and exclusives and presentations are fun, but sharing those experiences with like-minded people is why the trip is worthwhile.
Unfortunately, the crowd grows bigger each year, so it gets harder to remember to recognize no particular order, I want to give shout outs to those that make it worthwhile.

To everyone I didn't specifically mention - I was drinking/I was taking a test/I was fatigued. There was a terrible earthquake - a terrible flood! I'M SORRY!

To Don, Mori, Ayako, and the rest of the Japanese crew - すべてをありがとう. I hope that we can once again have burgers and watch the feeding frenzy when surprises pop out of the suitcases in the future.

To Rob and Luke and Chris - watch out for branson. Great to meet you guys in person.

To the intergalactic criminal Vectar and his associate the Sucklord - next time, I'm going with you instead of for ice cream.

To the dudes and dudettes from the board - thanks for the enriching conversation. Going to keep my eyes on what we talked about!

Yo Joe! Keep the good work up - waiting for that dream project like you can't believe. Make 'em good!

To the crew over at October - thanks for letting me hawk my goods on your table. Much appreciated. I hope that Cap is fighting Ratzis on your shelves at this very moment. Next time I'm putting you in the movie so I can play the trailer on endless loop!

To the big Chooch - stop snoring. It gets hard to keep taking those stickers off your nose holes. That should be your next exclusive.

To my main man Paul - stay cool - I'll be in touch once I have $$$$!

To the fabulous Four - keep up the good work. The legacies of our collective childhoods are in your hands - deservedly so. Next time I'm going to try to

To Troy- Sam not being there was a detriment, but I'm sure I'll catch you at a con again in three more years, lol. I never did see Drew.

To Hasbro - thanks for not bringing the awesome Transformers panel to the con. I liked seeing thumbnails over on other sites afterward. Ah well. There's always next Botcon. Good work on Highbrow, BTW. Bring on another Headmaster!

To The Super Support Team - you always know how to make a guy feel welcome, even when you peer pressure me into drinking, or I watch you try to rip off someone's beard. Scary!

To my brothers con beards - again, thank you. Although schoolwork complicated the whole business, my guts are still remembering the tacos at Margaritas, and my feet sores have sores, it was completely worth it.
Can't wait to do it again. The countdown begins again...

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