Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Classic Glyos Characters - Reverse Pheyden

When this figure was first released, I was not too enamored with it, but my mind quickly found a way to work him into my storyline. I modified it a bit after the Passcode featuring Dark Scar, but this is still fairly close to my original intention.

Scientific theory posits that there is a mirror-image universe for every universe that is known.
Science is partially correct - there are an infinite number of universes, nearly identical in many ways, but divergent in others.
The exact nature of space to time is difficult to quantify, especially for the Traveller known as Pheyden. He found, over the course of his travels, that many copies of himself had sprung up from the ether through unknown means. Although he had great knowledge of the universe and its workings, he was not privy to the information of his near infinite copies.

Pheyden traveled around the Edge of Space, watching over Rechlen and Aves, battling Villser infections, assembling Gobons and setting them on their way, tracking the Lost Sincroid Army to figure out how to defeat them...but what Pheyden did not know was that at the time of his creation, an exact replication of him was formed in another part of the Edge of Space. This Pheyden varied in color from the main Pheyden, his colors reversed. His disposition was also different...he heard no call of the cosmic voices, left alone to make his way through the universe. The ebb and flow of the universe changed the Pheyden from the way of good - he slowly moved towards putting himself before the missions of the cosmos, in a search for his origin. As he traveled the universe exterminating Crayboth and plundering planets for information, all signs pointed towards one word: Acimen.

The Pheyden traveled to that planet, finding it under assault by Sincroids. The battle was tremendous - in the end, it came down to Pheyden and the leader of the Sincroids, Tindaris. Pheyden moved in, his Phase Arm at the ready - and he was struck with a temporal vision - a sight of himself, in a half-mechanized form, wrecked in body and mind.

This gave Tindaris an opening - with the flash of an energy blade, Pheyden was forever scarred. The battle released him from his vision, and he destroyed Tindaris.

Only time would tell if this 'Scar Pheyden' would be able to find the secrets of his origin. Advice from one of his closest friends, a rouge Sincroid known as "Skullface", would lead him to one destination: Ayosire.

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Skullface...the Edge of Space continues to expand with more players in the universe