Friday, July 31, 2009

What he does in eternity echoes through life.

Born into existence as a slave, the race memories of cosmic preservation lost through some random quirk of the Pheyden generation event, this Pheyden from the Rothan line was tortured for years in endless combat and training. Upon learning of his time and space warping abilities from a chance encounter with a inter-dimensional treasure hunter, he escaped his prisons and wiped out the entirety of the race that had held him prisoner for so long. He now travels from dimension to dimension, destroying all he considers evil.
Wearing armor forged from the bodies of DynaEdrallim over a prototype Phase-Suit, he is difficult to touch in battle - and even when a blow is landed, the hard-earned covering he wears protects him from most attacks.
Now known as Gladiator, he has come to the Glyos system in search of Exellis...and Gobon, for reasons known only to himself.


R. Whitford said...

Did this guy get a new paintjob, John? He seems a little different from the earlier photos...

John K. said...

Nope, same one. You can account the awesome level of detail to Mr. Doughty's picture taking skills.

I never have a need to watermark my pics, because people know that that I took them, lol.