Friday, March 27, 2009

Glyos Custom Checklists - #16 and #18 - Sarvos

Left to Right: Energized Sarvos, Sarvos in Resurrection Suit.



Deo said...

Those heads look oddly like Custom Corps heads, one like the Orange Glow and one like the Lost Sincroid band... Care to... tell us a tad more?

I know you said Classified but, as a fellow collector, I must know.

Roy Whitford said...

Nice gritty details with the paint. Junk shop, or your own creation?

If you have a go with panting the heads, please consider carrying over the "rust" look of the "Res Suit" to the lines beneath the eyes. I don't know why, but it just seems like it'd fit.

John K. said...

Ah - the classified designation relates to the characters.

The heads are hand-casts, dating to around NYCC 08.

The gritty paint details are junk shop. Sometimes it does work out better, right?

I'm leery to paint the hand-cast heads. I like the look they have - although I do like your suggestion, Roy.

Deo said...

John, maybe you can email me a picture or something, what exactly is a "hand cast"

Does it mean your cheating Matt out of money by making your own?

Its a bootleg isn't it.

John K. said...


no, these are not bootlegs.

The quick explanation:
for mass production of an item, a steel mold has to be cut. This steel mold can give thousands of identical castings of comparable quality.

For a smaller run - or prototype purposes, a mold can be made that wears out after a certain amount of pieces have been made. It is a good way to gauge interest in a sculpt - make a couple of quick copies and see how it functions, if more sculpting needed. The main problem is that the casting is very time consuming and tricky to pull off well.

So before Sarvos and Phanost were mass-production heads, there were a few hand-cast copies floating around. There are some pics of the molds of this type on this page: