Saturday, March 28, 2009

Glyos Custom Checklist #21 - Pheyden in Otubak Skin

On a planet filled with rampaging giant robots, Pheyden found himself without a definitive plan to stop the terror of the robots. But helped by a kindly scientist, Pheyden finished a weapons system created on the planet. It was not until the suit, which the scientist called a "skin", was finished that Pheyden learned what it could do: allow him to energize his fist and shoot it off as a projectile.

After Pheyden was done slapping the scientist for such an insane plan, he took the suit out onto the battlefield; surprisingly enough, the power fist would disrupt mechanical entities it hit, rendering them powerless.
The suit was later used as the key to stop the mechanical mastermind behind the giant robots.

Pheyden held onto the suit when he left the planet, just in case it was ever needed again.

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