Thursday, May 30, 2013



CLUB MORDLE is now open over at!
Head on over there and you'll have the chance to join Club Mordle, which guarantees you the chance to order any upcoming Mordles product. Remember, you don't have to join Club Mordle to purchase product - but product available on release days to the general public will be available in limited quantities. You can see the full details in a previous post on this blog.

Today, I'm happy to finally give you some details about the very first product releases that Club Mordle members will have access to! 

Mordles love to arrive in groupings called waves. The first wave will consist of SIX colorways, released over the next three months (one release in June, one in July, and one in August).
The first two products, available to Club Mordle members starting on Monday June 17th through Sunday June 23rd (and release to the general public on June 28th) include:
Mordles - Standard Edition TEN PACK with special bonus item! The price for this pack will be $16.
Mordles - Crawler Edition TEN PACK. The price for this pack will be $12.
Product photos will follow this week.

The countdown to the return of the Mordles is on!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Where have I been?

The last pic on the blog was a prototype pic of my new toyline, MORDLES.
Based on the classic Ideal property ROCKS AND BUGS AND THINGS, Mordles will further explore the little creatures which once served as the food source of hungry Rock and Bug monsters.
I've been hard at work creating the world of the Mordles with a variety of artists including Matt Doughty of Glyos fame. I can't wait for everyone to see what we've been doing.
But today's post is here to announce CLUB MORDLE!

PURPOSE: Club Mordle guarantees you the chance to purchase ONE of each and every release-version MORDLES action figure, set, and accessory!

HOW IT WORKS: Toyfinity Toys plans to release a number of different colored sets of Mordles and related products in 2013.
The first release will be JUNE 2013.
To join Club Mordle, go to the store and add the Club Mordle membership to your PayPal cart. COMING SOON!
The cost of membership is only $10 in 2013! You'll be provided a special membership packet with your first Mordles product order that will evoke memories of the classic fan club kits of days gone by. There are no toy-based products included in the Club Mordle kit.
Members will also have the opportunity to vote on a future Mordle colorway, and potentially receive other exclusive information and offers.

THE SPECIFICS: Mordles love to hatch in groups! But sometimes, they hatch all by themselves.
As such, a release may consist of one single Mordle figure, Mordles with special accessories, or multiple packs of Mordles in special colorways or designs.
The cost for each Mordles product will vary depending on what is included in the product - number of Mordles, paint decos, and so on.
Unlike other subscriptions, Toyfinity Toys is NOT locking you into purchasing product blindly or guaranteeing sales to Toyfinity in advance.
Here's how it will work:
- Purchase the Club Mordle membership.
- Toyfinity Toys will announce a product release, listing the items for sale in the specific release.
- Club Mordle members will be provided a link to the Club Mordle store. The beginning and expiration date for the store will be listed.
- Members will be allowed to make ONE and ONLY ONE purchase from the store during this time. You do not have to purchase every item! But you will only be allowed to purchase ONE of each item in the store, maximum.
- the Club Mordle store will close two days prior to the on-sale date.
     - No product will be held for Club Mordle members beyond that point.
     - Your Mordles MAY ship prior to the on-sale date, but this is not guaranteed.
- Toyfinity Toys reserves the right to limit Club Mordle applications with the same street address.

WHY NOT JUST DO PRE-ORDERS? Without going into the complete scenarios behind mass-production of items, at times there are products which are produced but need to be withheld from immediate sale. The last thing that we want is to solicit an item we can't deliver, for any reason.
WHY CAN I ONLY MAKE ONE ORDER FROM THE STORE? We'll be attempting to ship orders prior to the main on-sale date, as they are made. Allowing each club member to make only one order will allow for the most expedited shipping possible.
I WANT MORE SETS THAN ONE! That's awesome! In 2013, we are gauging the demand for Mordles product. If the demand is there, we may offer greater quantities for sale through Club Mordle in the future.
WHEN THE MORDLES ARE ON SALE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC, WILL THERE BE LIMITS? When the Mordles go on sale to the general public, quantities may be limited on some products. Some colors will be tagged as "immordle editions", and will have no cap on quantities available to purchase.
WHAT ABOUT EXCLUSIVES? In 2013, if there are any exclusive Mordle sets offered from other retailers, you will have the chance to order them through Club Mordle without issue. If Toyfinity Toys offers an exclusive at any convention in 2013, you will be offered the same chance.