Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holiday Edition Outer Space Men available now for pre-order - and FREE SHIPPING!

New items which use GLYOS SYSTEM joints! Buy them and interchange with your existing Glyos figures! Plays well with all 3 3/4 space figures, like ones who have wars in the stars!

As a thank you to everyone who's supported us this past year, beginning at midnight tonight, until Monday night at midnight all domestic orders at Store Horsemen will be sent to you with NO SHIPPING CHARGE!
Just place an order at Store Horsemen between 12:00am Thursday Nov. 22nd and 12:00am Tuesday Nov. 27th and when we manually process your order, if you live within the continental United States the shipping charges will be completely removed!
We're very thankful here at Four Horsemen Toy Design for everyone who's supported us and followed us over the past few years and this is just a little token of our appreciation. THANKS!
Plus, the 2012 Galactic Holiday Outer Space Men are going to be going up for pre-order tonight too, and they'll be included in this free shipping deal!! Details about that sale later today...
 And the store details for the Holiday Edition 2012:
This set includes the Galactic Holiday Edition versions of Cyclops, Gemini and Orbitron all in one complete set!

PLEASE NOTE: Image shown is NOT final product. Those are prototype images and the final product will vary slightly.

Choose from vac-metalized red accessories or vac-metalized green accessories or a random mixture of the two! If you order two sets and choose "Random" you'll automatically receive one full set of red and one full set of green.

An extremely limited number of these sets are being produced, and they are only available through Store Horsemen! No limits on the amount of sets purchased per person, but once they are sold out, they are gone!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Micromen enter the battle!

Microman is something I find gets added to the collection in bunches. Here are the recruits from the last month or so.