Monday, December 27, 2010

A meeting of two Pheydens

Hades in Axis Armor meets one of the representatives of Glyaxia Command, Calliden.

I just wanted to show the main Pheyden I am carrying around with me these days.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Glyos X-Mas!

Today, I wanted to clean out my pic archives, so this is everything I took a pic of but never posted about. WARNING! Lots of pics here.

I really went overboard on Grim Squad customs.

Twin Grim Squad Gendrone brothers.
A motorcycle from Gobons.
Reverse Pheyden. Powered Reverse Pheyden.
Before we found out that Dark Scar Pheyden (who resembles Reverse Pheyden) was Phanost, I had already dreamed of a dark future for Reverse. Sorta inspired by the fate of Dr. Smith in the Lost in Space movie, Reverse would be visited by himself from the future, where he had become a massive mess of Phase technology after some unspecified event that changed the entire Glyos system. From that point on, it would have become his mission to avoid this fate, while fighting his tendencies toward the darker side of problem solving.
A mech suit, the Protobos, that I built long ago with what were leftover parts in the earlier days. This shot was it displaying its ultimate weapon, a turbine arm.
Here is Protobos with arms extended.
In the earlier days of Glyos, people were asking for checklists. The biggest debate was how to provide those checklists in an easy-to-follow format. This was one of the prototype attempts. You can tell the vintage of this attempt by the top row.
Another one of those informational pics. What is the difference between Exellis V1 and V2? The V1 is on the left of this pic. Side by side, you can see the color difference.
And in the same vein, the Pheyden variations of V1,V2, and V3. Personally, I always leave a Phase Arm on V2 so I can tell him apart easily.
Metran has been frequently mentioned in the Glyos storyline as the Capital Planet.
Along the way, I have been making superhero inspired colorways with the "soldier" head from the Buildman. This is "Captain Atom", one of my favorite SH concepts.

Initially, I thought he would be Exellis in disguise, but I discarded that concept.

Another Metran superhero, Silver Centurion Iron Man. They would have had Glyos-ised names if I fully explored the concept.
A lot of my leftover parts became generic Metran soldiers.
This was a war hero for Metran, whose arm had been mangled in battle. The real reason he won't stand up? A junkpile leg makes him off-balance at all times, and I don't have many Ranic Pheyden parts.
And Metrans.
And Metrans.
More Metrans.
Okay, so there was a time that we didn't know much about Scar Pheyden, but the heads were out there in small quantities. I was assembling bodies for them, but not really sure what concept they were going to take. Was Scar one entity with different looks, different characters, or something else? This was one look for him.
Here is one of my first painting attempts - just a little white on a black Sarvos head. These guys are supposed to be mercs.
My first attempt at an Iron Man-type character.
An attempt at building a body for a production-level Pheyden head that was never released.
Hammerhead, leader of the Build Team.
When I took this pic, the Sarvos on the left had not yet been released.
Dunno why I took this pic. I kept these guys in the bags for the longest time.
Another superheroic Metran - the Comet.
Okay, so originally we didn't know a lot about Callgrim. So I figured there might be other robots like him out there. This guy was supposed to be a violent psychopathic counterpart to Callgrim, based on Joe Pesci in Goodfellas.
I had a hand-cast blue Phanost head laying around way back and this was a body I built for him.
My attempt at a leader for the Order.
An armored suit for Phanost.
Another weird Scar Pheyden design, before this became Hades.
Heh heh. These guys are colored like Skywarp and Thundercracker. I made them part of my Granthan Corps Sincroids.
Yet another weird Scar, before Dark Scar was a character.
A Villser shot.
My attempt at a Nivix Govurom.
A shot of the Walker Clopos from SDCC...2008? I think.
BioPheyden and his infected form. Inspired by the old HULK covers where Banner would be looking/thinking about the Hulk.

A robot inspired by SATURN 3.
A random build out of leftover parts.
A precursor to the Renegades? I wanted to see what a Gobon head would look like on a regular body.
An outtake from one of my old posts - Biotron versus the Villser.
A Biotron close-up.
Another HULK concept.
BioPheyden faces his demon again.
The Villser together.

My initial concept of the Grim Squad was that Callgrim enslaved other entities to his cause by trapping them in mechanical bodies. This guy was a Pheyden who had been nearly killed that Callgrim enslaved in a mech body.

Some hand-cast figures (not mine).
More Grim Squad members.
Grim Squad member Reaper. I saw him as a high-ranking member.
An attempt at a Future Pheyden, before I did the same concept with Reverse Pheyden.
More Grim Squad members.
You'll be seeing this guy again.
A meeting of Travelers.
Okay - another checklist concept, from waayyyy back.
And another.
A Phanost teaser, before we knew what his Standard form was.
Checklist. (sensing a pattern?)
A really old checklist.
Reaper with a test-shot Callgrim.
Grim Squad members.
Ahhh, this guy was fun. Can you guess the inspiration for his colors?
A weird Callgrim suit?
Nope! It's STANNIC, in disguise. Stannic is one of Callgrim's foes, from the Gear's Edge era.

Random Pheydens I built from leftovers.

A take on the Doughty Scar Pheyden.
Another Doughty Scar Pheyden.