Thursday, February 25, 2010

This is what you want, this is what you get....

Some things stick with you forever.

There is a horror film from the 90's called Hardware that, not the best movie. But it had an interesting robot in it called the Mark 13. Designed as an urban pacification machine, it fails an important test run and is scrapped. An artist winds up in possession of the robot and accidentally reactivates it, leading to gore that was originally rated X.

So I made an homage to the robot out of Callgrims.
The signature attack of the Mark 13 was a double syringe (that looked like fangs, of course) on its head.
I'm happy with it, even in this unpainted state.

On the other end of the spectrum, some new Pheyden and Metran designs.

I'm just about out of all the classic colorways and parts, so I've been trying to use them up.
I wanted to do a peg-leg Metran who had run afoul of one of the beasts of the Glyos universe - maybe a Villser or an Eidrallim - the guy on the left was the result.
I've been upgrading the classic characters such as Eclipse Pheyden into newer armored forms using the Buildman body. Nebula was one of the only ones I couldn't crack. I see him as a scientist, so why would he upgrade? Once I obtained some of the Destroyator colorways, the answer was clear. The green highlights make it look like he is glowing with some internal power - this is like his Iron Man chest plate.
And on the right - as shown in one of the Passcode animations, Armodocs eat Pheydens. When an Armodoc is destroyed, the Pheydens he has killed are set free. Tying in to the Nebula custom, I saw Nebula Pheyden as someone who would want to try and save the dead Pheydens. Using a containment suit of armor, he catches one of the freed Pheyden ghosts in the suit. The armor is called the Androbos Armor, tying back to one of the original Reflex Suits shown on the Onell blog.

The Magnificent Seven!

I love Custom Corps. In the year or so since Custom Corps I, I have been on the lookout for any Custom Corps I could pick up from other fans.

My initial two figures were Dokoroum and the Granthan Corps Govurom - a true sign of how random these are, because if Onell was hooking anyone up, they would probably make sure you didn't get two of the same character.

Insectivos and Waldernost came from a fellow October Toys board member as a direct sale, and Standard Govurom on the left and Raider Sarvos came through a trade with another board member. The Dark Govurom on the right of the pic holding the Granthan body is a custom version with the Granthan head (very similar in paint jobs), and the lemon-drop Govurom on the right was offered to me by a reader of this blog.

I think I have had my fill of Custom Corps I - but if any readers ever want to get rid of some, let me know! Or, whoever has number 15 (green Govurom head with a yellow body) - please send me a pic of it for the official checklist - that is one of the few we never got pics of.

The Grim Squad!

It was only this past week that the first major drop occurred at
Before then, there were a few figures available from Rawshark, but not that many.
The first releases were Sentry Sarvos and Red Guardian Pheyden.
But the next releases heralded the coming of Callgrim to the Glyos universe: the Grim Squad Buildmen.

In my take on the storyline, Callgrim is a heroic robotic being, that may or may not be a Sincroid, who fights against the Sentry Sarvos invasion. But, he is destroyed by the machinations of the evil Red Scar Pheyden, his body left to rot on a barren planet.

Callgrim was surprised to find his mind awake again after that horrific destruction of his body. A helmeted figure stood over him, repairing his mangled being in a laboratory. But something had happened to Callgrim's mind while he was shut down - a previous version of his memory loaded. Something deep inside unblocked from the dark recesses of time. As soon as he was able, Callgrim took his damaged body and escaped from the lab.

On an unfamiliar planet, he quickly disguised himself and looked for a place to complete the repairs on his mechanical parts himself.

He would find something that would guide his existence for a number of years in a storage warehouse: a shipment of unused Buildman Gendrones.
Callgrim stayed in hiding for a number of days, but no one came to the warehouse. It was then that his repairs began in earnest.
He repaired his body and covered it in a dull grey paint. Then he went to work on his first trooper, who he would come to know as Reaper.
Callgrim and Reaper are shown here together.

Together, they escaped the planet in a stolen ship, with Callgrim knowing that he would need time to execute his complete plan. Working as a mercenary for hire, Callgrim and his minions, known as the Grim Squad, participated in a number of events that occurred in the Glyos system.
Eventually, Callgrim would grow tired of being the only one of his kind, and he constructed a new being in his own image...but that is another story.

The life span of a Grim Squad member can vary. Most of the members are Gendrones or cyborgs, as denoted by their ridged head marked with two large eyes.

Sometimes, a Metran or other humanoid being will join the Squad. They rarely last.

In his quest, Callgrim came across technology that allowed him to resurrect and regenerate dead beings - that he could then control.

A Pheyden known in his living years as Midnight Fire was killed in action. But Callgrim found his body and made him into a mechanical monstrosity.

Later, he found the entities known as the Shadow Squad, and bent them to his will.

The Grim Squad met its demise on planet...

Black Hole Threat Spreads! Metran specialist deployed!

The threat of the Sentry Sarvos has spread.
The development of a more powerful Goliath Sarvos has allowed them to finally beat Red Guardian Pheyden and the Scar Pheyden from the black hole.

With leadership from a renegade Scar Pheyden, they have dealt with their opposition and moved out into the greater Glyos system.
Now, the Metran government has sent one of their specialists to deal with the situation:

G'paclidre, the Metran Wolf.

With a specialized weapon system that can be a wing-pack:

Or heavy assault cannons:

The Metran government expects this problem to be dealt with post-haste.

But there was one wild-card they did not expect to deal with...


In his new Dyna-Powered mode, Skull Pheyden has been sighted in the area of the Sentries' latest rampage. Whose side is he on?

Ships and Reflex Suits!

One of the great things about the Glyos system is the interchangeability it offers when you have more than one of each set.

One day, I was looking at a box of Beanbots and wondered what I could make out of them.
Some of the results are below.

This is the biggest of the ships I have made. The entire side wing section folds around and attaches to the body of the ship - sort of a "heavy weapons mode"; with the wings in, it is built for faster travel.

This is the Hopper ship. Compact, it can double as an environmental protection module for landing on uninhabitable planets.

And finally, a modification of my previously shown custom Reflex Suit. A figure does actually fit inside of it - I wanted to change the configuration to make the driver seat more of a cockpit. The top of it folds over like an amusement park ride bar to protect the driver.

Housecleaning! Hand casts

I have seen many Glyos fans ask about the original Onell hand-cast figures.

Here is a pic of some:

These particular ones are not in my collection.


With the advent of the new Custom Corps III shipping, I'm clearing out some of my pic archives...

The Sincroid is one of the characters of the Glyos system. It takes on many shapes and forms - the Prototype Sincroid, Exellis, is one of the major characters in the Glyos system.
He has a unique head - most Sincroids have a different look to them...

The Sincroid on the right of this picture is an actual hand-molded Sincroid from the Glyos line. The customs to the left of it are based on Custom Corps one. The Sincroid head sculpt is related to Pheyden, so I customized them using bladed items to make them resemble the Sincroid sculpt.

A more detailed pic. The one on the left took some battle damage - i.e., I accidentally cut off his jaw and screwed up one of the eyes when making it. Overall though, I am happy with how the two of them came out.

Currently, the Sincroid head is only available in a hand-cast state, meaning it is very uncommon. It has not yet been sold outside of Custom Corps offerings.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Supremes

Only hours until Toy Fair.

But I have been working on these guys for a few months now and I wanted to show them off.
When the Shadow Squad is killed in battle, Callgrim recruits them for his Grim Squad.
But, the icy grip of death takes hold of them again, until they are resurrected by a Sucklorian, his... accomplice? master? apprentice? the Hermit, a zombified Medusa Pheyden, and the berserker Simon. Using a unique clay material, the Sucklorian brings the Shadow Squad back from death to serve his master plan. Together, they set out on a path of terror through the Glyos system and beyond...

Little do they know, the Grim Squad has saved the DNA of the Shadow Squad, and has plans of their own for it...

The heads were hand-painted by me over a period of weeks, color by color. I wanted them to have a really worn, pieced-together look. There are many details that are hard to see from one picture - silver, gunmetal, grey, brown. The uniformity comes in their red eyes. It was a real blast to paint these to my specifications.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The return of TEDDY B!

Finally! Teddy B. makes his long awaited return in Teddy B 2: A Darker Shade of Tan.

Check it out!