Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fan configurations!

One of the original functions of this site originally was to feature customs and collections from other Glyos fans. With the advent of the forums, that is not something that happens much any more, but here are some from the collection of one of my bros, Mr. Hart:

One of the Dimension Drifter Custom Corps.

2 more Dimension Drifters. My jealousy for the one on the right - the purple is SOOOO deep.

GAH! Who customizes a Custom Corps from the first series?
Oh yeah, this is like the third person I have heard of doing so. Ah well.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The year is 2084.

Can you survive?

(sorry for the use of red Phanost heads, I was fresh out of the more accurate blue ones. This one has been infected with the rage virus, heh heh)

The Master Want List

Here is a list of everything I am looking for.
Some things are on this list because they are too expensive for what they are. (Sorry, He-Man statues and Faker who I know will be re-released as soon as I buy one!)
Some things are hard to get.
Some things were too limited.

But nevertheless, here they are.

Stuff you should e-mail me about if you have it to trade/sell:
GLYOS and related lines:
Nibblers - Original Nibbler
WINTER NIBBLERS: only the Original colors.

Sucklord 16
Sucklord 69
Sucklord 78
Sucklord 66
The Creature of the Forgotten War (carded edition)
Purple Rain BILTF

Soul of Chogokin (and related lines)

Microman 1999
019 Cob-rage
L-28 Perfect Solomon
L-29 Perfect Shakenetsu

MOTU 1982
ETERNIA parts:
Tram Pod
Jail Pod
monorail release arm
1 chain for snake tower
gold and silver accessories: dart gun, manta ray, star launcher, sword rifle, laser crossbow, crossbow, 1 grappling hook

MOTU 200X series:
Battle Fist AKA Fisto
MOTU 200X Stactions:

Stuff that is on the list that I do not consider a priority:
Galactic Heroes vehicles:
Naboo Fighter
Millenium Falcon
Darths Tie Fighter
Jedi Ship from part 2
Episode 3 Jedi Ship

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New swippy swaps and colorways.

Some things I have been working on...

Some painted Sarvos and a new Pheyden colorway to tie-in to their story.
Found that Galactic Heroes vehicles are a nice scale for Glyos. This is my take on Desert Command "Scar" Pheyden and his best buddy JP (Junkpile).
A close-up. The painting on the head of the Desert Commander is messed up. It was my first custom, and I have slapped some new paint on it to show wear to his skin over years in the desert...which is also why he is wearing the wraps. I don't know that he will ever be completely finished- this figure is likely to keep popping up over the years.

JP was cobbled together on Issaris by Desert Commander using Sincroid and Buildman parts. Unfortunately, the programming of a service BB-series droid was hot-swapped into the Builman head, resulting in a comedian trapped in a robotic body. JP is a constant stream of one-liners.

And then there is this guy. Remember the Lost in Space movie from the late 90's? Cripes, it was quite long ago at this point. Well, before they made the Robot in the movie look like the classic one, there was a Version One design. This is my take on it, but after years of sitting out in the sun on Issaris and rusting down. It still retains the face shield (my main inspiration from the movie Robot), and I kept the head behind the shield blue as homage. Not sure if this one is completely done yet either.