Monday, October 19, 2009

Last one for tonight - the Raiders.

No one is sure how old the Glyos universe is.
There is a great debate between Metran and Arequlos about the origins of the universe.

However, it is known that there was a time of hell in the Glyos system.

At one point, there was a group of aliens called the Raiders that run roughshod over the entire system, turning over planets and killing everything in sight.

And one day, they were gone.

What happened to them?

(a bit of explanation here. The figure third from left is an official Custom Corps figure. The figure to his right is my tribute to another Custom Corps figure. The orange Buildmen are just for flavor)

Glyos Customs #37 - the Granthan Corps!

This is a posting I have been looking forward to.

I LOVE the Granthan Corps. They were first named in the first release of the Custom Corps figures from Onell Design, and of the two original CC figures I received, one of them was a Granthan Corps "Govurom".

I thought a lot about that figure and how it related to the Glyos universe- what was the Granthan Corps? Later, the Passcode story would flesh out some things....

The Granthan Corps was part of the Lost Sincroid Army - a very specialized branch. That was all of the official detail we were given. Now, my take on it.

The Granthan Corps is a specialized unit of the Sincroid Army. Part of the methodology of the Granthan Corps is that the Sincroid will lose their original face, and take on a face unique to those in the army. The loss of the face is said to be one that gives a Sincroid the freedom to be able to use his actions for the greater goods of the Sincroids, and place those actions on the face of the being he mirrors. The Granthan Corps is called upon to deal with rogue Buildmen, Pheydens, Sarvos, Phanost himself, or especially the hated Govurom.

Two of the unique members of the Granthan. They do not call each other by name. It is a strange psychic connection between all Granthan members.
The Granthan on the left is responsible for many deaths in the Glyos system. He has brutish strength, and frequently can be found at the scene of disaster on a given planet.

The Granthan on the left of this picture is known as the "Enlightened One", although individuality in the Corps is discouraged. It is thought that he has never been beaten in hand-to-hand combat.
The Granthan on the right is a master manipulator, helping the Supreme Granthan to achieve his goals.

Three more members of the Granthan Corps.
The Granthans wear a yellow and orange color palette in honor of their lost master Exellis, who was colored in a similar fashion.
The Granthans have been known to wipe out other Sincroid factions if they do not admit Exellis was yellow and orange.

Who is the Supreme Granthan?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Last post for tonight - Custom Glyos #66 - Batch Six and Batch Seven.

The Glyos System is full of stories.
One of the strangest concerned a factory that made buildmen and two of their creations.

Love is commonly termed an emotion, or a state of mind. How can a machine feel love?

On one of the many mechanized planets of the Glyos system, a factory was assembling Breaker Buildmen. The BB series was available in two configurations - a standard buildman style, and also one that was optimized for mining purposes. The factory was making plenty of xew credits (the primary currency recognized by the Metran governments) and branched out into other forms of robotic technology. In short, they wanted to see if they could create a robot with female characteristics, for possible use on the pleasure planet, Arboretus.

The female robot project was instituted in what the factory called batches. Batch one was a complete failure, the resulting buildman-series bot murdering over ten workers in a few hour span. Batch two gave some positive results, but still resulted in mechanoids going on a rampage of death and destruction. And so it went, throughout five batches of buildmen.
The top scientists were perplexed at why this was such a difficult proposition - why was this one small task causing them such a problem? And the effect on the bottom line was immense - a success was needed. The BB series would not be a financial windfall forever.
One of the leaders of the research team came up with a breakthrough. The primary component in what they considered a female neuron matrix was based on scans of actual female humanoids. The scientist posited that something needed to be added to regulate the mental abilities of the female, so that it would be able to contain its murderous rages and be used for other means.

Phase arm technology was instituted and installed in the new creation, termed batch six.
This mechanoid seemed to have a completely female response to external stimulus; the scientists were overjoyed. They locked up Batch Six and planned on how to destroy it to replicate the experiment.
Needless to say, B6 was not happy with this plan. The machine did not completely understand emotions, as they had been crudely grafted onto a mechanical brain with the precision of an ape using power tools. It could only recognize that this was not a suitable scenario, in her opinion. The factory was closed for the night, union labor still ruling work even into the far future and in other systems. However, B6 was not without her own devices. The phase technology allowed for a strange application of phase energy by the mechanoid; she created tiny insects made from phase energy and sent them out into the factory.
The insects walked through the production floor, coming across a BB series miner buildman. A signal spread throughout the bugs, and they swarmed the Buildman, infusing it with their energy.

The Breaker came to life, having a mind beyond what he should have possibly had. He looked around, knowing his mission. With pieces from other BB buildmen and BB bots (another robotic series of servants created in the Noact plant), he reconstructed himself into a machine with offensive weapons. On his left arm, a powered ram that could also be used as an energy crossbow; on his right, a drill and laser blaster. With these weapons, the creation who called himself B7 freed B6 from her prison and they left the factory, running off onto the planet to hide from the factory and the authorities.

B6 and B7 were together for many years, hiding out from those searching for them. Through the intercession of a Pheyden, they were allowed to get off planet and seek a greater destiny, sharing a love forged from mutual respect.

And then they met the creature known as Chain Pheyden...

Custom Glyos #23 - Insecticus!

You may remember this guy from a post wayyy back. I couldn't decide what head to use.

I see the back of that Buildman head as an insect. So this guy is Insecticus.
Whatever race he is from is one that is not very interactive outside of their planet, so Insecticus is wearing a special Transit Suit that feeds him bug nutrients while outside his homeworld.
Unfortunately, he is not well-acclimated to non-insect races, and is quickly accused of murder on planet Dembria. While on the run, his life is saved by another being on the run, one of the royals of the planet Spartek. They form a fast friendship and go on adventures together, avoiding the law until they meet another member of the bug race.

Guest Artist Crayboth!

Short and sweet - from left to right: Custom Corps "War Monger" Crayboth by Matt Walker.
Crayboth of the Wasteland, by Killgraffiti.
Another "War Monger" Crayboth by Matt Walker.

Delphi Exellis

A clear look at the unreleased Delphi Exellis.

I do not know if I will use him in my story. I brainstormed a bit, and I think of the Delphi part in a few ways. One is the ship of Aves and Rechlen - he could be part of their ship somehow. Maybe a stowaway? A plot to kidnap Aves?
Or perhaps he is a Sincroid who has the gift of visions of the future. A valuable power, to be sure.
Or he is Exellis, with a module that allows him to act as an oracle.

So many options...

Section Z was one of the worst games ever made.

But it was one of the few Nintendo games I had in the early days, so damn if I didn't try to beat that sucker. When Matt featured a Glyos figure based on the design on his blog, I had to build it too:

I think he works great as an upgraded part of the Metran Corps that I call Zed. Be warned - this design takes quite a few figures to pull off for what it is. I probably could have cheated it some.

It was that thought - refining the design into something more original in color and build - that led to this:

Another upgraded Metran I call S.A. Had a lot of fun with the use of glow parts on this guy.

Custom Glyos #67 - N.I.K.I.

In his travels through the Glyos system, Callgrim finds himself constantly plagued by the beings known as the order.

At times, the Order employs other "unpure" agents in their battles with Callgrim. N.I.K.I. is one of those agents.

The Nega-Ionizer Killing Infiltrator (NIKI) was created by the government of planet Arcos to create havoc on planet Metran, and hopefully end their years of hostility. Unfortunately for the Arcans, the Sincroid Army destroyed their planet to power a dimension-ripping machine in their search before the NIKI could be deployed. The sole production model survived the destruction of Arcos, being cast off into space.

For a number of years it floated, in a state of absorption. The NIKI was programmed to absorb the culture of its enemy and use it against them. Signals from throughout the cosmos bounced through wormholes in time and space, bombarding the mechanoid being. One program in particular locked into the brain of the NIKI, fully programming him based on a four-hour vid-show about games of chance starring humanoids. NIKI went into shutdown once the programming was complete.

Some years later, salvagers picked up the barely-worn robot and went along their way. This is never a good idea. Much to their surprise, Niki woke up, and seemed to have quite a nice personality. He had a few tics - a strange tone to his voice, a mumbling of some words that could have been a programming flaw - but he seemed to be okay.

It was one night during a routine card game that the real Niki was awakened. The first mate of the ship was caught cheating at cards, and Niki went into a murderous rage, stabbing him in the throat with a writing utensil. The ship's crew was caught off-guard, and Niki murdered them all.

Niki took his ship through the cosmos, drawing a number of devoted followers to his cause. Eventually, they were destroyed by the Shadow Squad, and Niki was buried alive in a hole on the desert world San'Doria.
If a member of the native San'Dorian race had not discovered him, Niki would have been buried forever. But it was not to be - Niki was dug up and traded to a member of the Order for some illegally modified Phase Arms.
With a retrofitted head that more closely resembles Callgrim and an anger cultivated over years of being buried in the sand, Niki battles Callgrim with a ferocity rare in the Glyos System.

Over the years, Niki has developed a number of tics. He can frequently be found talking to himself about his brother, and smashing telecommunications devices for seemingly no reason.

A Monstrous fate

Monstrous waited. It felt that its time in the universe might be coming to an end.
But then it sensed the arrival of a hated Pheyden.
The blue Scar Pheyden followed the directions on the chip he had obtained from the second Buildman. The secrets of the Glyos universe lay directly ahead...

ROAR! Monstrous reacted as only he could.

Scar dove out of the way of Monstrous' tentacled mouth, crashing into a wall. Monstrous moved again, breaking ancient metal with a hard strike. Monstrous reared up -
Scar Pheyden gestured -
And Monstrous froze.

Scar felt something in his mind - a power he had never felt before. He could see lines of energy flowing from Monstrous. When Scar moved his hands, the energy flowed to him and allowed him to manipulated Monstrous like a puppet.

It was then that he heard a sound - like the teleportation effect of a Pheyden, but somehow wrong. The Pheyden in chains appeared before him, eyes quickly shifting from gray to yellow.
"Grees...loch. Grees...loch." It asked; Scar Pheyden stared back. The chained one whipped his arm with a speed beyond normal and his chain swung to hit the Scar Pheyden. But Scar could see the energy of this creature too - with a quick yank of his hand, Chain fell to the floor of the ancient chamber. This is an interesting power, Scar thought.

"Bravo." came a voice from a piece of the room high up out of sight. A blurred silver shape fell from the upper darkness and cracked the floor in front of Scar. Gladiator stood before him. "Gobon did not hold the answer I was looking for." Gladiator threw a smashed Gobon head to the floor in front of Scar. "Do you?" Scar held up a small computer chip. Gladiator looked at it, his eyes seeming larger in his silver helmet. What passed for a smile on a Pheyden skull passed over Gladiator; he smashed open the Gobon head, revealing a computer port and board that could accommodate the chip, which he picked up and handed to Scar.

Scar felt something brush his leg - he looked down to see the chained Pheyden, touching his leg with outstretched fingers. His eyes had shifted to gray again, and although they burned with hatred, Scar could see that this thing was now under his control. A chain slinked from its arm, pausing and stiffening in front of Scar like a hand. Scar placed the board with chip onto the chain; Chain Pheyden's eyes shifted to a green color, and energy traveled through his chain. The board and chip activated. A door opened in the metal wall, hidden by seams that made it appear to be a normal piece of the wall. The three Pheydens watched the door open, staring into darkness.
"Grees...loch." said the Chained Pheyden. He did not move his gaze from the open door. Scar looked down at him.

"Stand, brother Pheyden." Scar asked of his Chained accomplice. "Let us enter the doorway together, as it is our destiny..."

Inside the doorway, the -

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Now he can be revealed - the missing original Pheyden - SKULL PHEYDEN

YES! At last.

For the fans of Glyos who have been here since close to the beginning (a time I term SDCC 2007 - NYCC 2008), you might recognize the guy in the middle. And newer fans who have been asking questions about things on the official blog that only show up once - meet one of the first.

In the early days of the Glyos blog and buying Glyos (was anyone officially collecting them at that point?), pictures would pop up here and there of the new releases and potential new releases. The early days were heady ones - no one really knew if this Glyos thing was taking off or what. There was very little official information other than the blog.
Being the obsessive-compulsive type that I am, I started to study those early pictures to see what the "complete" Glyos collection was. Little did I know what I was starting.

You see, there were many figures that were one-of-a-kind in those early pictures - but it didn't say that. It was just "whoa! Look at that Pheyden/Excellis/Voss figure! How can I gets me one?"
So in one of those original posts, which was mostly about MicroExellis, there was one picture that depicted this gray and purple Pheyden, with no name or anything. The gray color of the figure would later be known as Standard Sarvos colors, and the purple Standard Exellis - but what of this Pheyden? Was he available for sale? A prize only obtainable by going to MoodyCon2007?

So I did my research, and found that only TWELVE of these were available, and given away at SDCC 2007.
It looked like I would never have my Pheyden, that I started to refer to as "Skull", since I think he looks like a skinned Pheyden.

But I did get one, so end of story there.*

Who do I see Skull Pheyden as? I see him as one of the original Pheydens, a hearty warrior who is lost in space/time fighting evil. Eventually, he is freed from this trap of temporal dimensions, and returns, with his gendrones "the Skullcrackers", to battle evil.

I am so happy to finally have this figure.
Now if I could just find a Dimension Hopper...

From the official Checklist - the SHADOW SQUAD (version 2)

Thanks to a member of the Glyos forum, I finally have one of the official set of the Shadow Squad.
The heads are hand-cast customs on production Glyos bodies.
From left to right:
CCC001 Shadow Squad Morkoroth
CCC004B Shadow Squad Nozaru
CCC002 Shadow Squad Manticore
CCC003 Shadow Squad Beholder

According to, there are approximately six official sets of this Shadow Squad, in which Nozaru replaced Clopos.

The Shadow Squad has no awesomely detailed origin. One day, they showed up and started terrorizing planets, stealing what they wanted and killing indiscriminately. On planet Metran, they were responsible for the deaths of the population of one entire city-state.

The Shadow Squad continued its reign of terror until the Buildmaster and his Build Team faced off with the Shadow Squad on planet Stone. The co-creator of the Buildman used his mechanical creations to slay the Squad, leaving their bodies to rot.
They would still be rotting when Callgrim came looking for them...

Custom Glyos #59 - Reverse Phanost

Of everything, there is a reverse...

Never waste a picture! Scar Pheyden heads

But gets the point across.
With the advent of an official duo of Scar Pheyden releases, I wanted to show some of the predecessors that were never officially available for sale.
Voss blue/green and clear red Scar heads
Red Scar head
Black Scar head
"Apocalypse" black Scar head, with or without blacked out eyes
Standard Scar Pheyden head, with or without blacked out left eye
Glow Pheyden head
Hades head

At last! Heroic Callgrim in the flesh.

Wayyyyyy back, I wrote about the black hole, and the reversed universe that had an evil Pheyden running it with Exellis as the hero.

In our Glyos universe, Callgrim was a hero who met his untimely demise at the hands of the evil Red Scar Pheyden.

Finally, he can be shown. He carries a Sarvos helmet to disguise himself in their ranks, and a double-blaster that can quickly take down gendrones in battle.

Callgrim would later be brought back from the grave by mysterious forces, twisted to the side of evil during his resurrection...

I love a good mystery.

Monday, October 12, 2009

UPDATE! Custom #50B - ?

A while back, I did a post on a custom that involved the Scar Pheyden head, when there was no official Scar Pheyden or storyline involving him.

But now that we know some of the story behind his creation (see the Passcode game "Ghosts of Nemica" on the main Glyos site), I have created a custom storyline that revolves around this character.

In the Glyos universe, we meet Scar Pheyden before he is actually created. Why the universe has allowed this paradox to exist, and where the "future" version of Scar Pheyden is located when his actual creation of Nemica occurs is unknown, but the "future" version showed up in two distinct looks - one of them a striking orange, with blue boots and gloves. During one particularly difficult adventure, Scar Pheyden discarded this outfit for one closer to his original creation garb.

The outfit lay in a discarded fashion in a remote place on a planet in the Glyos system, empty.

Until it wasn't.
Then a new Scar Pheyden emerged. He examined his surroundings, his mechanical eyes focusing on the world. Removing a temporal measurement device from his belt, this Scar noted that he had arrived in the correct time. But would he be able to finally beat the Pheydens and allow the rise of the Sincroids?

Oh yes - this is no ordinary Pheyden - it is a true EXELLIS from another timeline, merged with a Scar Pheyden.

Meet "Scar Pheyden" Exellis. Pray he does not succeed.

Glyos Customs #62 - The Gendrones

In the Glyos universe, there is a mechanical being that was created to be the ultimate peacekeeper in the universe.

But as we know, sometimes plans change.

A shipment of Gobons were lost to time.

But now they have returned.

The leader, MEX, looks at the world through a cycloptic visor. He experiences what is called by flesh-and-blood beings "anger" at being in a deactivated state for so long. His hands can convert into "Gobon blasters" at will, and he can generate four extra arms from his body if he desires.
He also possesses the full planet-draining power of a standard Gobon.

The twins, GROMBLE and GRUMBLE, are cobbled together from destroyed Gobons. As are their minds. Gromble has three functional heads that are also capable of discharging disintegrating blasts of energy - not that his limited brain can process the visual information of one head. Grumble must move his entire body to look upwards - but his piston-punch arm enables him to thwart most opponents.

Finally, the SENTINEL is a robot from the same manufacturer as Gobon that was meant to be a guardian for the Gobons. But now, it wields its weapons under the command of MEX.

Where will they go? What will they do?

Big post! Artist custom Glyos releases

As the Glyos system has expanded, a number of other artists have released limited-run heads that use the body parts of the system, with custom parts. Here is a look at a few that I have picked up.

The first is Monstrehero :

This first figure was not sold, to my knowledge, with a full body at SDCC, but may have been available with a body during a later sale on their website. There is a lot of neat detail in this head - an eyeball detached from its socket and hanging loose - but my pic does not do it proper justice. The body is customized from my junk box.
I see it as a Glyosian who has been afflicted with a radiation sickness that keeps him alive as his body deteriorates. Just a character to give a little bit of flavor to the many possible stories in the Glyos System.

LOVE this design. You might look at this guy and think of him as a monster or villain, but I think he is a hero. What it reminds me of most is a bothersome creature from my childhood, the noise-eater from Tales from the Darkside. I tried to find you a pic of it, but alas, none to be found. Buy the DVD set when it comes out in a year or two - I think the Hush story is on Volume Three.

A soldier in the Metran army who gets promoted to the special ops unit run by Metran Pheyden and Hell Pheyden.

"Holy diver, you been down too long in the midnight sea..."
Very clean design on the head. Love the paint on these guys too.

Unfortunately, these figures are all sold out, but keep an eye on their site - more may be coming in the future!

Another artist producing custom pieces is the Godbeast.
His first series, long sold out, was called the Glyos Aliens wave. It consisted of three heads that could be customized with any body you chose. (the Doc remembers he never made a post about these, so finds the pics...)

Okay, so in my storyline, Pheyden found himself subject to a cosmic event while traveling through space, and fell to a remote planet which had not yet been explored. The planet had been assigned a galactic code until officially named by the Metran government - 81285.

Pheyden thought himself alone on the planet, his abilities to travel through time and space temporarily blunted by the cosmic event. But to his horror, he discovered that three beings on the planet had murdered the entire planet:

A (Alpha-Cen)
B (Beta-Ced)
C (Ceta-Cre)

Through studying historical datatracks, Pheyden discovered that the planet had been one of three major religions, based on water, fire, and a special brand of wood found only on the planet.
Wars were fought over the beliefs in these religions, culminating in the creation of three avatars - one for each religion. But the world powers had bequeathed too much power to these creatures - with near complete mastery over the elements, they ran roughshod over each other and the planet. The governments attempted to fight these creatures with the science that had created them, destroying them. But they did not die - they returned as one united force and wiped the planet clean of life, before resuming their battle with each other.

Having replaced their flesh bodies with mechanical ones and coating their heads in an indestructible Ballim alloy, the God Aliens continued their insane battle with each other to prove the superiority of fire, wood, or water. When Pheyden discovered they were planning to leave the planet to see if beings on other planets would worship them, he tricked the "Gods" into a special trap reverse-engineered from when he had made the Sucklord from ghost to flesh. The Alien Gods lost their protective coating, becoming ghosts trapped in a stanchion sphere on planet 81285. Pheyden broadcast a warning to Metran about the planet, that it was to be kept under quarantine.

Time passed - and the threat of the God Aliens was considered a dead issue. But nothing could be further from the truth.
Information is a valuable currency in the Glyos system. The constant ebb and flow of aliens to the capital homeworld of the Glyos system allows information to filter in and out of the channels on the planet. One Metran heard the "legend" of the Alien Gods, and linked it to a tale of Metran in an earlier phase of time and space when elemental forces were in play on the planet. But this information was not easy to obtain - he spent the equivalent of six Earth years searching, following leads, expending his fortune - but eventually, he came to a place of power wherein an ancient Metran was waiting. The story had lead him to a staff, green in color, and three accompanying boosters that were said to have the power to enslave the elements. The ancient Metran said that this traveler could have the staff, but it would cost him something valuable.
The Metran agreed - any price would be acceptable. The old Metran smiled - and gave the younger the staff.
At first, nothing happened, but within seconds, pain washed over the Metran. His hand disappeared from sight, sucked through a dimensional vortex and replaced with a ghostly outline of a hand. But if the staff worked, the Metran known as Lh'et would think it completely worth it.

It took another year to make it onto the surface of planet 81285. But he found the ghosts immediately - they flew to his ship, the manifestation of the ghosts a pink brain floating in the outline of a ghostly head. And Lh'et understood, somehow, what he had to do. Concentrating the power of the staff, Lh'et focused them on the weapons; a ghost was captured by phantom tendrils emanating from each weapon. The elements of wood, water, and fire combined to create flesh, resulting in the following configurations:

The God Aliens moved to strike down Lh'et, but he focused on the staff and they found themselves unable to. He allowed himself a smile - soon, he would have his revenge on the Metran Corps and their imprisonment of his father. The Brain Wave would be coming to Metran...soon...

The Brain Wave is long sold out, but who knows? Maybe there is a set floating around out there in Glyos-land somewhere for sale.

Another artist is Killgraffiti.

One of his main characters is the Zagolian. The Zagolians are a race of aliens/creatures/who knows?

My take on this guy - he comes from a race of war-mongers, and he doesn't want to make war. He just wants to have fun. He looks so happy to me - I almost can see a sitcom of this.

Two more Kill! figures are the Cythose and Pheyder of the Wasteland.

I paired them together because I see their story unfolding together. In a post-apocalypse situation, the Cythose wanders his homeworld, searching for answers. Meanwhile, a Pheyden who was stuck in the area during the apocalypse is evolved into a creature half-Pheyden, half-something else. And eventually, they will meet to decide the fate of the planet.

One or two of the Kill! customs may still be available for sale as of this writing. Jump over to his site and check it out!

The next one is not a figure that was officially for sale anywhere, but features the likeness of a character familiar to readers of this blog: the Sucklord!

The origins of the Sucklord are unknown (or at least subject to confusion). But unknown to him, the Sucklorians await his transfer to the Glyos system...
(please note this is a work in progress. I am still working on removing the sprue piece on the top of his head and painting it up properly).

And finally, some unique creations of Bah'Glenn. None of these were available for sale, but you never know...

BG has his ongoing storyline of the Alien Mercenaries, which you can follow at his blog linked above. Greh'eck, one of the main characters, is caught in this candid photo meeting an informant before his adventures looking for the PMP.

Another fun head sculpt from BG.

Back to action! Voss Phanost

So - I promised to post more. I have a bunch of entries prepared that hopefully I can start getting up in a better timeframe.

So, a rarely seen Glyos figure - the (technically) first production release Phanost, Voss Phanost. First released at SDCC 2008, the head exactly matches the color of the "Wave 5" release, Voss Exellis. Enjoy!